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Trump Supporter Wears the Most Heartless and Vile T-Shirt at Rally and Twitter is Horrified

Is there anything more painful than the loss of a child, especially in childhood? If there is, we’re not aware of it and don’t particularly want to know.

The staff at this site had real trouble deciding whether to do a column on this because it’s impossible to verify the truth in the message. The column, the one that brings you this picture is the true definition of hearsay.

We are using an out-of-court (or out of our verification) statement, this one in writing, to prove the truth of the matter asserted, whether the woman below had lost a child to COVID and whether she will vote for Trump anyway. Hearsay. In other words, make of it what you will.

Could it be photoshopped? Yep. But it doesn’t look photoshopped, and it’s just too spot on.

Here is what we make of it. It would be extremely difficult for one to imagine putting something like this together without it being true. It wouldn’t be impossible, but it would be very difficult. Perhaps it sounds condescending, perhaps it is, perhaps it is justified, but we suspect that the average MAGA doesn’t possess the “creativity” or “artistry” (in the sickest sense) to put this together as a lie.

And so here you are. Get a bucket ready. If this is remotely truth, it is one of the saddest “political” statements one will ever see:

Twitter was absolutely horrified:



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