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Don Jr. Says the US Under Biden Reminds Him of Waiting in Bread Lines as a Child in Czechoslovakia

Is he serious right now?

In an interview with Seb Gorka on Newsmax, Donald Trump Jr. compared rising food prices in the United States to bread lines in a communist country in the 1980s.

The son of the former president was commenting on recent reports that this year’s Thanksgiving dinners may be more expensive than ever. That, of course, is capitalism, not communism. Price controls were a primary feature of communist control. The “bread lines” that occurred because of food shortages had nothing to do with the price of bread.

That didn’t stop Donnie boy from spouting off, though.

It’s not the first time that Junior has tried to compare the US under the influence of liberal leadership to the former country of Czechoslovakia. Trump’s first wife (and Don’s mother) Ivana was from that country, and Junior has repeatedly recounted his experiences there during visits.

He leaves out the part where his mom was a model and a ski instructor before he was even born. He claims she “escaped” the country, when she actually married for a passport, then filed an absentee divorce to get out of her first marriage.

During the Democratic primary in 2020, Junior appeared on Sean Hannity’s show and said the same thing, almost word for word, about the politics of Senator Bernie Sanders. He even included the ridiculous line about him “waiting in bread lines” — something no Trump has ever done even once.

As if you didn’t know that Republican talking heads were one-trick ponies. Imagine trying to compare the politics of Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden and saying that they’re the same — and that both are like the communism of the 1980s in Europe. Literally none of those things are even close to each other.

We are already aware that using “isms” to paint their opponents as un-American is the only thing Republicans know how to do. But watching Don Junior try with a straight face to convince anyone that he ever stood in a bread line is downright hilarious. People who come from rich families don’t subject themselves to poverty for fun, and if his grandparents had a pre-teen standing in a bread line to teach him about the perils of communism, they’re kind of sociopaths.


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