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Eric Trump Mocked Over His Criticism of Biden Being in Delaware, ‘His Father Golfed EVERY Weekend!’

If a president wants to get out of the White House, then he should go to one of his own gigantic clubs and bill the living sh*t out of the Secret Service for staying there, too, including charging for water and sandwiches, he shouldn’t just “go home,” especially amidst a… “situation,” ask Eric Trump.

During an appearance on Hannity, Eric was livid that Biden went to Delaware, rather than “solve the problem in Afghanistan.” You will have to ask Eric what Joe Biden could do differently to “fix the situation in Afghanistan” from the White House than he might from his lovely home in lovely Delaware. Given that Air Force One has an operating room and can hold video conferences all over the world while staying in the air almost indefinitely by refueling, we suspect that the government has some tricks up its sleeves regarding keeping a president in communication while taking some time at home.

Perhaps Eric would have been more comfortable had Joe been at his own resort in Florida ordering airstrikes while telling China’s President Xi all about it? (With casual guests hearing of it.)

We are not sure when adult children of failed one-term presidents became experts on everything, such that their opinion is highly valued during one of the most-watched cable shows on television, but Eric was so typically Trump in creating his own reality for that “reality television show” hosted by Sean Hannity.

Eric’s lack of self-awareness is just breathtaking as he hid the ball just a bit with Hannity’s audience, according to Vanity Fair: (Video of Eric below):

Trump literally spent 428 days of his presidency not at the White House but at one of his for-profit properties! For the number whizzes out there, that’s a year and 63 days, or as The Washington Post helpfully put it, one visit every 3.4 days. Most of that time was spent at Mar-a-Lago, though Trump made sure to visit 14 different properties in seven states, the District of Columbia, and three countries, including a money-losing Irish golf club he used a state visit to pimp.

So between one-third and one-quarter of Trump’s tenure was spent outside the White House, most often at one of his own resorts, where he charged the Secret Service for their expenses in protecting him, meaning that Trump made money off every $15.00 club sandwich ordered for lunch by an agent on duty.

And it’s not like anything “big” happened during Trump’s presidency, only a pandemic that has put more American families through funerals than the total number of American soldiers wounded in World War II. Trump went to India in the week COVID exploded.

Watch the sniveling little sh*t go “big time” on giving rookie Joe Biden some advice on Afghanistan, though – while doing so, at least note that, unlike his brother, Eric doesn’t appear to have just left Studio 54 to do the interview:

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STFU and what is your name again? What is it you’ve done for a living? Tell us the breadth of your government experience and expertise in foreign policy. Would it have been better had Biden invited the Taliban over to Delaware?

Jesus, these people.

Twitter then did what Twitter does best:

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