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Failed MAGA Candidate Posts Pics of Empty Shelves to Prove ‘Biden Economy,’ Except Photo Was from U.K.

One of the most basic MAGA tenets under Trump is that within the span of ten months, a United States economy that had been running like a jet engine, is now in a state of disrepair like an old tractor in a junkyard.

Has anyone noticed that it’s gone downhill that fast? All one sees when one is looking around is “Now hiring” signs everywhere and when one looks at pictures from the Great Depression (which – according to Trump, we’re in worse shape now), we don’t see “We are hiring” pictures in the background, we see lines forming for soup and work.

So that is odd. But it is now MAGA doctrine, the country has gone to hell. It is so ingrained in the MAGA mind that they seem to have lost their minds in attempting to prove that the United States is deader than the pork in the McRib you wish was available.

In order to prove that the U.S. has gone to hell, we have an example of a marvelous, hall of fame, attempt to convince you stupid Americans who fail to understand. From Mediaite:

Kim Klacik, a failed Republican candidate for Maryland’s 7th congressional district, is being pilloried on Twitter for posting a clearly false photo of empty shelves in an attempt to slam President Joe Biden. 

On Wednesday, Klacik posted a picture of empty grocery shelves with the caption, “A look at #BuildBack Better,” implying that the photo was taken recently and in the United States.

Damn. That looks like a Dollar General shelf when Mountain Dew goes on sale. Except for the prices in pounds might have given it away to anyone bright enough to think about it for a minute.

Wait, anyone bright enough to think about it for a second would realize the U.S. has not gone to hell.

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