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Jake Tapper Suggests That Majorie Taylor Greene May Have Mental Health Problems

This morning, CNN’s Jake Tapper emphasized that he had no training in psychiatry or psychology. He did so while talking about Marjorie Taylor Greene’s issues. Her issues may be apparent to a layman.

Yesterday, we reported on an altercation that took place on the House floor between Marjorie and Liz Cheney, it also involved Rep. Raskin. It was bizarre, where – when Cheney argued that the House ask DOJ to prosecute Steve Bannon, MTG shouted out, “Why don’t you investigate the riots of 2020?” Liz Cheney replied “Jewish Space Lasers.”

This morning, Jake Tapper assessed the entire matter on CNN and he did not mince words, nor spare Marj any benefit of the doubt:

TAPPER: It’s not really a screaming match, right?

Congressman Raskin and Congresswoman Cheney are talking on the floor and, according to my sources, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Congresswoman Greene goes over to them and she starts screaming at them.

And, look, I’m not a licensed psychologist, I don’t know her, but her behavior suggests somebody that has real issues, that is not tethered to reality or basic standards of decent behavior.

We have seen video of her screaming at David Hogg from the Parkland High School after the shooting; this is before she was a congresswoman.

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I think what is most notable here is not so much what happened on the floor of the House, but that Marjorie Taylor Greene and Liz Cheney really represent the two doors for the Republican Party right now, which one does the Republican Party want to emulate?

You have Marjorie Taylor Greene who is somebody who engages in all sorts of dog-whistle politics, conspiracy theories,” Tapper continued. “And I think Cheney mentioned the Jewish space lasers thing in their back and forth, but in all honesty, Marjorie Taylor Greene on Facebook was suggesting that wealthy Jewish-Americans were using laser technology to cause fires in California for some financial incentive.

“I mean, it is a deranged anti-Semitic conspiracy theory and yet that is somebody with whom many Republicans are siding.

This might be a good place to remind everyone once again that the voters in NW Georgia had a choice in the primary between Marj and a perfectly radical conservative neurosurgeon who would not be dabbling in ridiculous conspiracy theories and might even be recommending the vaccine. They chose Marj.

Last thing. Remember, Marjorie owned some fitness centers. A lot of weird artificial hormones pass through fitness centers, the kind of stuff that makes people muscle up fast, and maybe act more aggressive, maybe some “rage.” We aren’t saying anything other than Marjorie owned a fitness center, that’s all. Just sayin’.


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