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Jen Psaki Snaps at Emerald Robinson Because She Refuses to Stop Talking, ‘Emerald, I’ve Spent Plenty of Time with You’

There is no conceivable way that the MAGA right, those folks that don’t approve of being gay, never mind gay marriage, are going to let Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg get away with being all gay married and a dad (or – they wonder, is it “mom”), and so this is a huge point of contention to the MAGiest of the MAGA reporters, Emerald Robinson, whom Jen Psaki often simply ignores.

Not today, Jen must have been in a generous mood and allowed Emerald to “ask” her question. We put the quotation marks around “ask,” simply because Emerald wasn’t really asking a question. She was making a statement, one she knew would get her lots of press and thumb-ups from the right.

Emerald asked:

“Given the seriousness of the supply chain crisis and the multiple issues that you outlined, wouldn’t it be wise for the Secretary to get back on the bicycle, so to speak, and come back to work?”

“He’s at work,” Psaki responded.

“He’s on paternity leave,” Robinson said.

“I was on a conference call with him this morning,” Psaki remarked.

“He’s in the department now every day?” Robinson asked.

Psaki proceeded to defend paternity and maternity leave and said, “We’re not going to back away from that.”

“We are quite confident in the capabilities of the civil servants, the leadership at the Department of Transportation, just as we are at companies across the country, where women, men take maternity and paternity leave.”

She mentioned how she took maternity leave while in the Obama administration.

As Psaki tried to call on another reporter, Robinson continued to call out questions.

“Emerald, I think we’ve spent plenty of time with you today,” Psaki said. “Let’s give some other people more time here.”

And let’s just say, Twitter was loving it:

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