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Omarosa Manigault-Newman Confirms What We All Knew About Trump and the KKK

He was never very good at hiding this stuff.

In a shocking new trailer for Big Brother VIP, former presidential aide Omarosa Manigault-Newman has dropped yet another bombshell about her boss, Donald Trump.

There was never any shortage of gossipy tidbits from the reality show star when it came to Trump, but this one underscores something his voters hate to admit. Trump is a huge racist, and his obsessions prove it every day.

In the trailer, Omarosa describes a time when she was helping to open a civil rights museum in Mississippi. It was just a week before she was fired from her position in the White House, so the memory is cemented in her mind.

From the Daily Mail:

I was organising the opening of a civil rights museum. He was fascinated with the KKK garb.

He was obsessed with a white supremacist display. ‘Who is this person?’ [Trump would ask]

Not only is this not the first evidence Omarosa has claimed against the former president, it’s not even the first time someone has recounted a more-than-passing interest in white supremacy from Trump. Thirty years ago, Trump’s own wife detailed her husband keeping a book of speeches by Hitler on his bedside nightstand. And if that seemed far-fetched or sensationalized, a book from Michael Bender that came out this past summer, Frankly, We Did Win This Election, told a story of how Trump had praised Hitler privately to his chief of staff John Kelly during an overseas trip.

As the retired general told Trump which countries were on which side in World War I during a trip to commemorate the end of that conflict, he mentioned that WWI had led directly to “the atrocities committed by Hitler” during WWII. Trump stopped him there:

Well, Hitler did a lot of good things.

No, Donald. He didn’t. He did a lot of really bad things. Just like in 2017 in Charlottesville, there weren’t “fine people on both sides.” There were the good guys and there were the bad guys, and who you are obsessed with after the fact gives away which side you wanted to win.

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