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Trump Admits He Was Too ‘Angry’ Over Losing the Election to Help Georgia Republicans and Keep the Senate GOP

“FIX 2020 FIRST”

Donald Trump Official Statement, Laber Day Weekend 2021

Donald Trump’s suffered a narcissistic injury as bad as they get upon losing the 2020 election to Joe Biden. Since 1952, there had only been three occasions when a live president wasn’t reelected to a second term, Trump made it four. He had every right to expect a second term because Americans “always” (seemingly) reelect presidents.

Instead, he lost, to a guy he believes to be “weak” and feeble. He lost. He will never get over it and he will never, ever, say that he lost. He won in a landslide, ask him, ask his supporters. Everyone understands the dynamic.

A new book written by David M. Drucker contains an interview in which Trump says that Georgians were too angry about the presidential election to vote in the Senate runoff, and that’s why the GOP lost the Senate. He is projecting, to put it with extreme understatement. He was too angry and it is highly likely that a big part of him wanted to punish both the Georgia GOP and the Republican party in general. Trump was hurt and when narcissists hurt, they look to wound everyone around them.

Read Trump’s words. He doesn’t say that he told Republicans not to vote in Georgia (that came about through body language and attitude), but he most certainly admits – reading between the lines a bit – that he couldn’t have cared less about “what happened to the party” at that point. He clearly sees himself as the Republican party and the Republican party is him. The GOP had already “lost” in Trump’s mind:

He admits he could have been stronger in telling the Republicans to get out to vote, but he was “angry” about what happened there. He was angry about the loss. He was angry. They wouldn’t give him a win.

Now, “Fix 2020 First.” Trump is still angry, the Georgia dynamic is the national dynamic and it hasn’t changed. There is friction between McConnell and Trump because Trump is more than happy to run off viable candidates if he considers them disloyal (Fix 2020 first). Trump could easily become a liability in 2022, just as he was in Georgia in early 2021, and just as he’s seen in the gubernatorial race in Virginia this coming month.

For the rest of his life, Trump will want to “Fix 2020 first.” Because even a win in 2024 doesn’t erase the loss in 2020, from which the pain arises. This is good news for Democrats because even in 2024, Trump will be looking to fix 2020 first, and have no sort of agenda put together looking forward, which is what Americans also demand of a second-term president.

There is no fixing 2020 for Trump and it will continue to weigh like an anchor on the GOP going forward. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving group.


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