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Eric Trump is NOT Handling the ‘Burner Phone’ Story Very Well — Attacking Random People on Twitter

As everyone knows, Eric Trump has been branded “the Dumb One” several times over. This, of course, is an almost unimaginable achievement, setting oneself out in that crowd. Additionally, he best never rest on his laurels because his sister and brother are never more than a half-length behind.

Knowing this, Eric went long last night in issuing a statement in response to Rolling Stone’s amazing “burner phone” bombshell. But to appreciate Eric’s stupidity, one has to revisit exactly what Rolling Stone published:

The three sources say Kylie Kremer took one of the phones and used it to communicate with top White House and Trump campaign officials, including Eric Trump, the president’s second-oldest son, who leads the family’s real-estate business; Lara Trump, Eric’s wife and a former senior Trump campaign consultant; Mark Meadows, the former White House chief of staff; and Katrina Pierson, a Trump surrogate and campaign consultant.

There is nothing in the revelation stating that Eric Trump himself used or needed a burner phone. He could have issued a statement last night saying, “I was taking calls from everywhere and didn’t know who called on what. This is news to me. I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Instead, the dumb one did the opposite by practically admitting he knew something was wrong all along, and perhaps he was involved:

My man. No one accused you of being the “burner phone type.” So far, the only one person who has said anything about Eric Trump being the burner-phone type is you, denying an accusation that didn’t exist.

Or will it exist, Eric? Did you misread the article, knowing that you, too – answered the phone with a burner yourself? The Rolling Stone sources would only know for whom they purchased the phones and who was called. They wouldn’t know what phone you might’ve used to answer, and it really wouldn’t matter. The traceable issue went the other direction.

Trust us. If the sources knew you answered with a burner, it would be in the story.

Then when someone responded, Eric felt the need to lash out again, this time bragging that he apparently didn’t steal money from sick children:

Fcking idiot.


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