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GOP Rep. Gosar Immediately Tweets Same Video That Got Him Censured — and More!

Paul Gosar has to be the dumbest guy in Congress.

What is the point in “apologizing” for something if you’re just going to do it again? That’s the head-scratcher that has everyone wondering why Arizona Republican Paul Gosar would repost the video that got him censured by Congress, just minutes after that decision was handed down.

The video showed Rep. Gosar’s face superimposed over an anime character who rages through a city, mowing down his opponents with swords and with lethal efficiency. At one point, the face of Democratic lawmaker Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is shown on one of his victims’ bodies, and at the end of the video the character is attacking another with the face of Joe Biden.

That got Gosar in enough hot water that the House took up debate on the matter and decided to censure him. That’s the harshest form of punishment in Congress for an act by one of its members that the deliberative body disapproves of. Emotional testimony from Ocasio-Cortez herself helped seal Gosar’s fate.

He was ultimately stripped of his committee assignments, rendering him essentially powerless in the House, just like Marjorie Taylor Greene lost her own committees back in February for her QAnon-supporting, racist, vi0lent rhetoric.

Gosar had not actually issued a formal apology but did say that he “self-censored” out of a sense of “compassion” for those who were offended by his video. But that seemed to go out the window after his self-defense didn’t work and he was censured by the House. Within hours of the decision, Gosar had retweeted a post from another user who posted the video, effectively reposting the video himself.

We won’t post the video. If you care to see it, you can find it easily. But we refuse to spread that vile hate.

Just two Republican lawmakers voted with the Democrats to censure Gosar over the disgusting video, a startling statement of priorities for the GOP. Just after the infrastructure bill vote, high-ranking members of the party suggested that they may punish Republicans who had voted with the Democrats to pass the bill.

But they were silent yesterday.

Oh, and he also posted this, which means he is literally just laughing at everyone and simply DOES NOT CARE:

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