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Jen Psaki Clapped Back at Peter Doocy When He Asked Whether Biden Would Apologize to Rittenhouse

In 2020, on the day following the first presidential debate, Joe Biden tweeted: “There’s no other way to put it: the President of the United States refused to disavow white supremacists on the debate stage last night.”

It wasn’t just that night. We at this site cannot recall an occasion when Trump unequivocally condemned white supremacists, though he was forced into situations in which he almost had to, on occasion, he never just came right out and laid it out. The reason is fairly obvious. If Trump insulted white supremacists, he would lose a significant percentage of his vote and, of course, it would be a lie and Trump cannot tell a lie… about being a racist.

Peter Doocy isn’t concerned about Trump’s inability to swear off white supremacy, it’s a non-issue on the right. But Kyle Rittenhouse is a hero and the right wants Biden to apologize for calling white supremacist Kyle Rittenhouse a white supremacist.

We at this site believe that Biden should make Rittenhouse a deal. Biden will forgive Rittenhouse for being a white supremacist the moment that Rittenhouse says he regrets ever being a white supremacist:

Today, at the presidential briefing, Peter Doocy asked about when we could expect that Biden apology, now that Rittenhouse has been acquitted – which means the jury declared him “innocent” of being a white supremacist. (That is, obviously, not meant to be true.)

“Will the president ever apologize to the acquitted Kenosha sh00ter Kyle Rittenhouse for suggesting online and on TV that he is a white supremacist?”

Look out, here comes Jen:

If Trump runs for President in 2024, do you think he will win?

“Let’s be clear what we’re talking about here,” replied Psaki. “This is a campaign video released last year that used President [DonaldTrump’s own words during a debate as he refused to condemn white supremacists and militia groups.”

“And President Trump, as we know from history and as many of you covered, didn’t just condemn militia groups. He actively encouraged them throughout his presidency. So, you know, what we’ve seen are the tragic consequences of that.

“When people think it’s okay to take the law into their own hands instead of allowing law enforcement to do its job. And the president believes in condemning hatred, division, and vi0lence. That’s exactly what was done in that video.”

Peter wanted to hear more about Trump’s white supremacy:

“You’re saying that it was just a campaign video. It wasn’t. The president gave an interview that he said that Rittenhouse was part of a militia coming out of Illinois: ‘Have you ever heard this president,’ referring to Trump, ‘say one negative thing about white supremacists.

“None of this was not proven in trial and Kyle Rittenhouse is saying that the president had actual malice in defaming his character,” he continued. “Is that what happened here?

*We want to note, Peter, ‘There were good people on both sides…” The other thing we would have loved to have seen is Jen ask Doocy whether even he understood the question that he just asked.

But Jen gave a better answer:

The president spoke to the verdict last week. He has obviously condemned the hatred and division and vi0lence we’ve seen around the country by groups like the Proud Boys and groups that that individual has posed in photos with. But beyond that, I’ll leave it to his comments around the verdict.”

Shorter Translation: “Go away, Peter. Oh, and go f… yourself.” Or maybe that’s just us.


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