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Jimmy Kimmel Brutally Rips Into Trump’s Humiliating ‘Preschool’ Picture Book

Post-presidential books are now a rite of passage. Eight-figure contracts to talk about yourself and explain your decisions as president? Those are often too difficult to pass up, especially when nearly all of them use ghost writers. President Obama is such a good writer and “thinker” that he writes his own memoirs and they are coming out in two volumes. Only the first is available right now.

Given the tradition, it is delicious and symbolically perfect that Trump’s “post-presidential memoir” is a picture book. The joke almost tells itself, but last night Jimmy Kimmel did a much better job mocking the work than we can do: Transcript from Mediaite:

“The book was published by Donald Trump Jr., his son. DJTJ claims that his dad picked every single photo and wrote all the captions himself—which is exactly how my son’s preschool teacher describes his projects to his mother,” Kimmel cracked on Monday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live. “Basically Trump—what he’s done here is he’s published an Instagram photo dump featuring all the classic photos of his presidency.”

Correct. And, such an endeavor – you will, of course, note, is the easiest way to get from here to there (“there” being the money) with the least amount of effort.

Evidently, Trump brags that he didn’t follow Dr. Fauci’s advice regarding COVID:

Kimmel reasoned that Trump’s disregard for advice coming from an infectious diseases expert is “why one of you was raced to Walter Reed hospital and the other was not.”

Way too perfect. Kimmel then inserted his own image, with a caption created by his multimedia team:

If Trump runs for President in 2024, do you think he will win?

Kimmel included a picture of Trump looking into the sky during the 2017 solar eclipse, adding the caption, “Many losers are too scared to look directly into an eclipse. Not your favorite President!”

Ah yes, the eclipse picture, perhaps the most symbolic and demonstrative picture taken during Trump’s entire presidency. Six-year-olds fully understand the instruction; “Do not look directly at the sun, but not your favorite president.”

A picture book. Jesus these people. And it can be yours for the low price of $75 (for a picture book!) or $230 if you want a signed edition.

Ex-Presidents, current ones, and very high-ranking CEOs have access to machines that “write” their signatures for them. Anyone paying the $230 for the signed version, well – deserves what they get.

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