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Kayleigh McEnany Records Herself at the Grocery Store as She Hustles HARD to Sell Her Book


One-hundred years from now, it will be pretty easy to imagine history looking back on this time period and saying that the 21st Century actually started in 2020. The first 20 years were a continuation of 20th Century patterns and traditions. The new era began in 2020 when COVID appeared and Trump challenged democracy.

Obviously, we don’t know how it is going to turn out, if populism and extremism continue to rise throughout the world, it will “turn out” that there will have been a big war – there always is. But no matter how things turn out, the year 2020 (We will count Jan. 6th as the tail end of 2020) will be seen as one of the most consequential in history. Horrific things happened, a half-million Americans died (Again, if we do a little continuation), jobs were lost, kids suffered from isolation, we divided ourselves further. A mask showed who you voted for.

The word “fun” won’t come up much in looking back at 2020 especially when it comes to history’s examination of Donald Trump, assuming that honest First Amendment freedoms still exist and scholarly work can be freely published, can we even assume such things any longer? It will be examined and published somewhere. Donald Trump will have changed everything.

He could never have controlled COVID and even if he had handled it better, it would’ve still been a massive problem. But under no circumstances did Trump need to politicize it, either. If ever there was a gift-wrapped issue for a president running for a second term, it’s the “war time” president rallying the country to fight off a foe.

“This is too important for politics, that’s all out the window right now. We are going to defeat this just like Americans have met all challenges in the past, we’re going to do it together!” Had Trump said that very thing in May and followed through, he would have won the election, perhaps with that statement alone. But he doesn’t have it in him. His idea of fun is making someone else lose.

But Kayleigh is so excited about her new book, she’s filming herself walking through the grocery store. (Yes, she does) And as she starts to talk about all the great stories in the book, she mentions the Trump administration and breezily said, “We had a lot of fun.”

Somehow, “We had a lot of fun,” isn’t going to sit well with history. We are not one year away from January 6th and Kayleigh dares to say that “they had a lot of fun” in the Trump administration?

Yes, when history looks back on the year 2020 it will focus on people like Trump and the type of people who would agree to come work with him. People like Kayleigh.

By the way, beautiful women don’t need much makeup, at all, see Jen Psaki. And if one is going to use eye make-up (whatever it’s called), the point is to make your eyes look better, not like you don’t have eyes.

“We had a lot of fun.”

My God.

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