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Kushner Suddenly Finds it Hard to Raise Money in the Middle East Now That He’s Out of White House

In the entirety of the Trump administration, there was only one person who rivaled Trump with respect to the danger he represented to the country and it was Jared Kushner.

Before Trump was even sworn in, Kushner was working in the social media end of the campaign, which – strangely enough, was the same area in which the Russians worked. Additionally, Kushner made two calls that we know of (perhaps more we don’t) to Sergey Kislyak, the Russian ambassador, and largely seen as Russia’s top spy in the U.S. Kushner was also caught trying to secure a secret line, from the Russian embassy to the Kremlin before Trump was sworn in.

And then there was the Middle East. Kushner had been denied security clearances on several occasions, with a final flat denial, at which point Trump simply ordered it. Kush became a voracious reader of all things Middle East and some very strange things happened. Kush formed a fast friendship with MBS, the animal prince, and weirdly, in some complex manner, Kushner got his building refinanced, a building that threatened to ruin him. A terrible deal got refinanced by a group from Qatar (though details as to who actually backed that deal are fuzzy.)

Kushner had no problem making friends and raising money back while in the White House. Now that he’s just some guy in a skinny suit, he’s having a bit more trouble according to the lastest reports:

According to The New York Times, Kushner’s efforts to raise cash from Persian Gulf countries have so far had mixed success.

Qatar reportedly declined to invest in Kushner’s new firm, called Affinity Partners, having seen Kushner as an opponent during the Trump administration, a person familiar with the matter told the paper.

Poor guy.

The main sovereign wealth funds in the United Arab Emirates also declined to invest—although they did see Kushner as an ally, they questioned his business track record, a source told the paper.

However, Kushner is reportedly in ongoing negotiations with Saudi Arabia.

Yeah, “ongoing” until Saudi figures out how much power the MAGAs ever actually obtain again.

Jared, we have news for you. They used you. You were never “liked.” You were never their “friends.” They never “entrusted” anything in you. You got played, kid. And whatever you got for that building, trust us. Somehow, they got way more. You were in way over your head and now you’re just starting to see it.

Twitter also chimed in:


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