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Madison Cawthorn Grosses America Out as He Chews and Spits Tobacco into a Cup on House Floor

This site will always refuse to look like it’s trying to play the role of the purity police, especially when it comes to self-medicating (though please be careful), and so we are not going to jump up and down on a guy for chewing tobacco.

It is gross (really really gross), it smells weird, it’s so addictive that it’s beyond comprehension, and it causes cancer. But no one ever took a dip of chew and then ran into a school bus of kids due to the medicinal impact, nor do people graduate to IV nicotine use. All things are in perspective here.

But there’s a time and place judgment to be made, too. There’s nothing wrong with popping the top of a Michelob Ultra and downing one, but only after one has written for twelve hours a day, not to start the day off. (And certainly not if one’s going to drive).

Some of that timing might also come into play when one is supposed to act in accord with one’s responsibilities as an elected United States representative on the House floor. No, it is not a holy place, but it should be treated with a bit of respect, even more so after the January 6th riot.

It is the disrespectful and “gross” thing that has the net up in arms after cameras catch Madison Cawthorn taking out his chew can, taking a dip, putting it in his gums and then using what looks like a Starbucks cup or thermos as his spittoon.

It would sure suck to forget what one’s doing and going to take a sip of coffee and… you don’t want to reach for the wrong cup, and you definitely don’t want your cup near anyone else’s…

Anyway, Cawthorn is hated as much as ever, this time for simply being gross on the House floor:

And spit:

Look, Madison, medicate yourself however you want, but don’t try to sell it as patriotic or helpful to your constituents, and maybe pick a better time and place to do what you do than spitting in the middle of the House of Representatives?

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