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MAGAs are Losing Their Minds Because Kamala Harris Had the Nerve to Buy Cookware While in Paris

The MAGAs are extremely mad that Vice President Harris bought a pot. Yes, there is a little bit more to the story, but in the end, keep in mind, they are mad that she bought a pot, a nice one, in Paris. The MAGAs seem to believe that Vice President Harris took a U.S. military jet to Paris just to buy said pot.

It is a nice pot. Some of us don’t have $375, never mind pots that cost $375.  It is still a pot.

According to the Washington Free Beacon:

Overseas last week on a four-day diplomatic trip to mend the U.S. relationship with France, Harris stopped in at E. Dehillerin, a pricey cookware shop outside the Louvre museum, where she dropped hundreds of dollars on various kitchen items. The big-ticket items in the haul were a $375 serving dish and $160 frying pan, the Parisian specialty store told the Free Beacon. The vice president rounded out her purchase with various smaller accessories, such as a porcelain cocotte and egg dish, a copper cleaner, and various wooden spoons.

LOL, EXCLUSIVE! This is seriously important news guys!!! Woman with 6-figure salary who happens to also be a gourmet cook (in addition to VP) buys an expensive piece of cookware while in Paris.

This is not allowed because we’re all suffering, says the Free Beacon, newly infuriated:

The vice-presidential shopping spree came as Americans stateside suffer from the worst inflation in three decades, putting strain on both consumers and small businesses. The Biden administration has stressed the need to “buy American,” calling for a “whole-of-government” effort to support American manufacturing.

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And it is shocking, just shocking. Other Americans in Paris, couldn’t believe she would spent THAT MUCH:

“I was surprised that our vice president was out purchasing boutique pans in Paris,” the tourist told the Free Beacon. “She proclaimed at a press conference just a day earlier that her focus was on the American worker.”

Was the “tourist” an employee of the Free Beacon?

Meanwhile, in other news, this guy is still alive:

And, it was while Americans were suffering a dying that Trump spent so much time on that golf course of his, where he billed the Secret Service for carts… to protect him. Just FYI? The price to join Mar-a-Lago as a member is $200,000… even though we think people are still suffering here in the United States.

She bought some nice pans for god sake!

Twitter had a field day:


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