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Michael Cohen Just Casually Dropped Bombshell on CNN: Ivanka, Don Jr, and Eric All Involved in Stormy Case

There are several reasons we retain more respect for Stormy Daniels than Donald Trump (infinite, actually), and it is critical to remember that it was Stormy’s brave decision to come forward, despite all the threats, that led to the revelation about the six-figure payments which amounted to campaign violations. It led to Michael Cohen’s imprisonment.

Remember “Individual One?” It was not Michael Cohen.

Today we heard from Michael Cohen because this was his first day released from home confinement (substitution for prison due to COVID concerns). We heard from Michael Cohen because he went straight to CNN’s studios and dropped a bombshell. Perhaps he finally feels truly free, to tell the whole truth.

He implicates the entire family in the same crime that sent him to prison, and more. It does make some sense. Trump works as a mob boss, the comparison has been used for years now.  Who are the only people that mob bosses trust? Family, of course. So when a true crisis hit Trump, it makes sense that “the family” would know about it and be involved in devising a solution.

And that is exactly what Michael Cohen told us happened:

Cohen: I do want to make this promise to you and to all your viewers, I may have been prosecuted and right now I am the only one but I will not be the only one Question: Who else was involved? Cohen: …Eric Trump was involved.. Don Jr, Ivanka (Video below)

Wow. It is probably a good idea to remind ourselves that just because we continued to hear about “Individual One,” doesn’t mean there were no “two’s, three’s, and four’s” in the investigation.

If Trump runs for President in 2024, do you think he will win?

Additionally, something that gives us hope. Cohen was prosecuted by the state of New York, not SDNY as part of the DOJ. At this point, we are almost under the impression that Garland wants to protect Trump more than prosecute him.

But no, this case – thanks to Stormy – all goes back to the state of New York and six-figure campaign finance crimes, which led to tax questions, which led to… Michael Cohen’s prediction, on his first day out of “prison.”

Last thing. Michael Cohen has some credibility in his predictions. He was the first one, years ago, who said that Donald Trump would never willingly give up power, that it would have to be taken from him.

We believe him

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