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OAN Thinks VP Kamala Harris Has No Right to Travel in a Motorcade…Because of Climate Change?

Look, life is infinitely easier for those who cannot be bothered by what Al Gore ingeniously called “inconvenient” truths. The problem with climate change is that addressing it requires a global effort and it requires people who care about what happens three generations down from us (even though its impacts are felt now). This, in a country, where one half truly would like to do away with the other half in today’s generation.

Additionally, it is near impossible to care about climate change and not open oneself to being called a hypocrite by someone cynical enough to do so, when the only options presented are the older ones, the problematic ones.

OAN believes Vice President Harris is a hypocrite, and thus less believable with respect to climate change because her travel requires a motorcade. Next time they will likely be angry that she doesn’t fly coach on Southwest.

Is Harris supposed to get around town in an electronic “beast” or suburban (whatever the Vice President travels in)? Whether OAN likes it or not, there are security concerns with respect to the Vice President. Some of those concerns come directly from OAN’s audience who like to speak aggressively online while OAN flat lies about election results. OAN’s approach to this administration has made it such that their audience doesn’t believe Harris is the legitimate vice president anyway, making her that much more of a target.

But that’s not really the point. The point is – quite obviously – that the Far Right will use anything to undermine the left’s sincerity in addressing climate change. If the Far Right can convince their viewers that even the left doesn’t take the matter seriously as applied to them, it’s that much easier for them to simply wave it off.

Just like they’d love to wave off Harris’s security concerns.

If Trump runs for President in 2024, do you think he will win?

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