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People Notice a Creepy Statue in the Background of Trump’s Photo With Kyle Rittenhouse

On July 4th in 2020, Donald Trump spoke at a political rally at Mount Rushmore. Before the rally, South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem gave him a very unusual gift. It was a statue of Mount Rushmore, but on the far right side was a new face, representing the former president himself.

That statue has apparently found itself a home in Trump’s Florida Mar-A-Lago residence. It appeared in a photo that Trump took with Kyle Rittenhouse at that estate. Rittenhouse has become a trophy boy for many in the Republican Party, and it is no surprise that he is a big fan of Donald Trump.

The statue was made by two artists, Leuning and Treeby, who are also fans of Donald Trump. They were commissioned to design the piece by Noem, but it was paid for entirely by anonymous donors. The statue was made specifically to be presented by Noem to Trump as a gift at the July 4th rally.

This is the first time the statue has been seen since its gifting in 2020, but it seems appropriate that Trump would keep it on display. He isn’t exactly well-known for being humble or self-effacing, so it’s safe to say that artwork like this would be right up his ally.

On his meeting with Rittenhouse, this is what Trump had to say: “Really a nice young man. What he went through… that was prosecutorial misconduct. He should not have had to suffer through a trial for that.” By “that” he means the murder of multiple people, but according to Trump murder can be excused if the victims have progressive political views.

Take a look:

Here’s a closeup, when Trump was receiving his black belt. Yeah, the morbidly obese former president who drives his golf cart on the green because he doesn’t want to walk that much actually received an honorary black belt:

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