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Rittenhouse Gives First Interview Where He Says He’s Not a Racist — Previous Pics Show Otherwise

White supremacist Kyle Rittenhouse sat down with white supremacist Tucker Carlson tonight for Rittenhouse’s first of many “exit” interviews (exit from being an “alleged” criminal) that he will do. Kyle looks like he wouldn’t hurt a fly.

In the excerpt we have, Kyle is dressed nicely in a suit and sounds young, and yet still arrogant, entitled. He talks about the case never being about race. And yet we don’t think that Kyle would’ve taken his g*n to defend the Capitol.

He said that the case is about the right to self-defense. That is tricky because he was defending himself, somewhat. And yet self-defense isn’t supposed to be available as a defense when one started the altercation. Did Kyle start the altercation by walking the streets as a white kid carrying an g*n? A lot of people could make a case that they were defending themselves from him. He could’ve pulled the trigger at any time. Would a Black 17-year-old be allowed to walk the streets with an g*n trying to keep the peace? Please, we all know what would happen. People could claim “Self defense! He had a g*n and a finger on the trigger!”

Kyle then has such a sense of entitlement that he starts talking about prosecutors misusing their power. If he wants to see a prosecutor misuse their power, perhaps he should go into court sometime and see the charges leveled against young Black men for selling a dime bag of mar*juana versus the white kid whose charge got thrown out because his parents called the D.A. and said it would be handled properly at home, or the D.A.s that charge Black men with much more serious crimes and much flimsier evidence.

But the most offensive portion is when he says he supports the BLM movement and peaceful protests. Here is the interview:

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Isn’t that a nice young man, “I support BLM…”

We don’t normally attach a lot of meaning to the “White Power, three-finger “W” and the closed “p” – because it looks like an “okay” sign all too often, and still pictures can be hard to decipher. But when someone poses like this, proudly, then there is no doubt:

There is your good boy when he doesn’t have his suit on and isn’t in front of the cameras. Trevor Noah called it right. Kyle didn’t go to Wisconsin to protect property. He went to use his g*n and if he couldn’t use it against Black people, he’d use it against libtards – all the same to them.

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