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‘Something is Not Right’: Jonathan Karl Says Trump is Not Mentally Normal

Pssst. Jonathan Karl May Be On to Something

“I was looking for something. I wanted to see any hint of regret, any hint of remorse for what happened on Jan. 6. … Absolutely none.”

“He comes out — he’s gregarious. He’s got a way of trying to charm you. He doesn’t seem like he’s somebody who’s completely insane at all… But it’s the lack of any sense of remorse, I think, that really comes across as, there’s something that’s just not right.”

Jonathan Karl, on Trump: Nov. 18th, 2021 to Joy Reid. (Video below)

Jonathan Karl is one hell of a smart guy, so this is in no way some knock on him, but a lot of people suspect that one could go long periods, perhaps lifetimes, without seeing a hint of remorse in Trump. It is possible that Trump “feels” remorse, such as when he bankrupted himself (and Atlantic City as a municipality), but only in the sense that he wishes he had done something different. More likely, he’s furious at the people he blames for letting him down.

But with respect to January 6th? Remorse? For what? For what it did to the country? Pfffft. Any remorse Trump might feel is that it was not more intense, it didn’t work, he isn’t president. As this site has written dozens of times, we suspect that the entire plot was an attempt to get Pence rushed out of the Senate, by the Secret Service, for good – at least for the rest of that day, throwing the process outside that portion of the constitution.

But as a true narcissist, one that a psychiatrist once wrote; “There will never need be a description again, one can simply point to his behaviors as the ultimate version,” Trump is more likely to look back on it with a euphoric high than any sort of guilt or remorse. Watching people fight, literally fight, in his name? His name on flags hung from the United States Capitol? Again, other than not working, it is likely one of the highlights of his life.

The repercussions for everyone else, especially the country as a whole, none of it factors in. Never did. It is always about him and that is why he should never be in a position to start a war, ever again.


[email protected], Reprinted from Substack Much Ado About Nothing, by Jason Miciak, as a portion of one newsletter.

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