Trump Found a Dumb New Way to Fleece His Supporters Out of Their Hard Earned Money

I'd be surprised if he hadn't done this, honestly.

This holiday season, in addition to the Christmas ornaments and socks and wrapping paper you can get with ex-president Donald Trump’s face on them, you have another choice to annoy your friends and family with. That is, if you can part with the money for it.

Axios reports that Trump now has a coffee table book. That’s right, you too can own a piece of history that sits next to your Ansel Adams collection and your U2 retrospective on the table in the middle of your living room. It will be the greatest picture book of all time, believe me. Nobody has better picture books than Trump.

In fact, if you believe his oldest kiddo, Donald actually hand-picked all of the photos that went into Our Journey Together and even came up with the captions all by himself! And he wrote some of them with his own hands.

For the totally reasonable and not at all crazy price of just $230, you could have your very own signed copy of this book. Or if you’re a total loser cheapskate who doesn’t love the people you give gifts to, you could get a copy with no signature for something like $75, I can’t remember because they only offer that deal to Broken Old Crows and Sleepy Joes.

This book is supposed to use behind-the-scenes photos and anecdotes to help you “relive the unforgettable moments” of the Trump presidency, but I’m not sure how they managed to get pictures of him trying to bribe the President of Ukraine or trying to buy Greenland. And if there’s a picture in there of him smiling during the longest government shutdown in US history, this could be a collector’s item.

Probably, however, the “unforgettable moments” are more like the time he had protesters hosed down with chemicals so he could go stand in front of a church to get his picture taken.

Whatever’s in there, it is sure to be YUGE.

Twitter is cracking up that it’s a picture book:

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