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Trump Rips Biden for Tapping into Oil Reserves and Humiliates Himself With Huge Lie in the Process

Today President Biden made the decision to tap into the nation’s emergency oil reserves. He did so to keep costs down for Americans traveling for the holidays, already fighting inflation due to bottlenecks all over the world due to COVID. Oil is a global commodity, “energy independent” doesn’t mean we don’t buy Saudi Oil, or Russian oil, or vice versa, it goes all over the globe.

Thus, when the “bottlenecks” cause an artificial rise in prices, Biden tapped our own reserves, which, according to Trump, were “filled to the brim when they were giving oil away during the epidemic.” * This is a lie as we will see below.

Trump – to say the least, is using anything Joe Biden does as a means to attack Biden, even if Trump would have done the exact same thing:

But, of course, even that was a lie:

According to the Wall Street Journal, the White House stated:

If Trump runs for President in 2024, do you think he will win?

“We expect the industry to be passing through these savings to consumers as quickly as possible. The president stands ready to take additional action, if needed, and is prepared to use his full authorities working in coordination with the rest of the world to maintain adequate supply as we exit the pandemic.”

And, sigh, presidents do not “buy” oil, the government has a much easier and cheaper means to obtain oil:

The Strategic Petroleum Reserve is authorized to hold up to 714 million barrels (in 2009 it was 727 million barrels), so they were nearly full when Trump took office. He also exposed his ignorance about how the federal government “buys” the oil. The oil is effectively traded to the government as payment (royalties) for drilling leases so presidents not wanting to “pay the price of filling them up” is false as well.

In other words, Trump doesn’t even understand the move that he is criticizing, despite the fact that he has had four years in the Oval Office to learn these things. But, as is the story of his life, he never learned anything.

Trump couldn’t even articulate “why” we have strategic oil reserves kept in the first place. Yes, “war” is one reason. But keeping the world from falling into an intractable recession due to a mismanaged epidemic is another. Many countries are tapping into reserves because it is harder to send all over the globe. Trump’s line about use in war alone is – of course – bullshit:

The Reserves have been tapped about 20 times since they were first created in 1975, including to reduce the deficit in 1996 and 1997, in 2011 during the Arab Spring, and as loans to oil companies.

Once again, Trump demonstrates his total lack of qualifications for the job, and once again, it couldn’t matter less to the MAGAs. As but two examples:

See? When willing to lie about anything, one’s followers will believe everything.


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