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Trump Tower Opens New Presidential-Themed Bar and It’s as Pathetic (and Tacky) as You’d Expect

Trump Tower has opened a new bar called 45 Wine and Whisky, and the drinks are both as expensive and as hilariously named as anyone could have expected they would be. Every drink on the menu is either themed around Trump himself, Trump’s family, or Trump’s time in the White House.

The decor in the bar itself unsurprisingly sticks to the same trend of Trump worship. Forbes reports that there is a snapshot hanging on the walls of Trump in the Situation Room while witnessing the Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi raid as well as photos from his inauguration. This is among other adornments that pay heed to Trump’s time as president.

One food and drink combo that the bar sells is called The Forty Five Special, and it is priced at $45 as well. It comes with a signature cocktail, beef sliders, and a Diet Coke. During his time as president, it was revealed that Diet Coke is Donald Trump’s favorite drink, to the point where he would sometimes drink a dozen in one day.

Other Trump-themed drinks on the menu range from an average of $20-$30 in price. Given that he recently had to sell his hotel in Washington D.C. due to a huge loss in profit, maybe the Trump family is hoping that they can sell overpriced drinks to make up for their other business failures.

Other drinks include:

The Don ($24): Glenrothes and amaretto
The West Wing ($25): St. George gin, Campano, and American midnight blue olives
The Rose Garden ($27): Trump rosé, St. George gin, rose water, and rose garnish
The FLOTUS ($29): Trump blanc de blanc, St. George gin, squeeze of lemon, simple syrup, and lemon twist
The Mar-a-Lago Spritzer ($24): Trump sauvignon blanc, squeeze of grapefruit, seltzer, and orange wedge​

I noticed the FLOTUS has a lot of lemon, maybe that explains the constant sour face we see on Melania?

Another interesting drink special from the list is The Rose Garden, which is made of Trump rose, St. George Gin, rose water, and rose garnish. More drink names include The FLOTUS, The Don, and The Mar-A-Lago Spritzer. While Trump’s younger son Eric is running the vineyard owned by the family, there are no notable drinks in his honor.

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