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Trumper Kevin Sorbo Has Twitter in Flames After Opining, ‘Wonder Why There are No Dems on Mt Rushmore?’

Kevin Sorbo is one of those very prestigious Hollywood types that supports Donald Trump and has a huge presence on Twitter. He tweeted something so stupid that it seemed to light the entirety of Twitter on fire:

Well, Kevin – no, we have not noticed and that is because we all went to school. We know that the parties have switched their views over time, especially during the Civil Rights movement. Remember, Kevin, the “Dixiecrats”? An attempt to keep the southern conservative Democrats away from the JFKs and LBJs that wanted Civil Rights legislation?

Here is what have noticed. There are no conservatives on Mount Rushmore, Kevin.

Teddy Roosevelt was big businesses’ worst nightmare, the “trust buster,” a man willing to use the power of the federal government to bust up monopolies for the good of the people, not the powerful. Busting up the most powerful companies in the nation seems awfully liberal, Kevin. So does reserving land for national parks and forests.

As for Lincoln, the biggest Trump backers are white, conservative, racist, fundamentalist, Christian, southern, men. It seems to us that Lincoln went about as “big government” as one can go in modernizing “civil rights” against the wishes of the rural, white, southern, conservative. That is not a Democrat-Republican thing, Kevin, that is a liberal-conservative thing, and just like Roosevelt, the very very liberal Abraham Lincoln is on Mount Rushmore.

We have to consider both Washington and Jefferson as liberals because what could be more liberal than fighting a war against entrenched power in order to set up “liberties” and a free society? Relatively speaking, all our Founding Fathers were the most radical liberals in history with the exception of Jesus.

So, no – Kevin, no one noticed there were no Democrats on Mt. Rushmore. We did notice there were no conservatives. So did everyone on Twitter!

IF IF IF someone said that there must be a 5th president added to Mount Rushmore, there would be no argument as to which president it should be, or at least no big argument (Some Republicans would call for Reagan), the obvious choice would be FDR, the “New Deal” president who reimagined what the government could do to help working people and, behind Lincoln, the greatest “liberal” president to date.


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