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Big-Time Texas Republican Activist and Vaccine Skeptic Dies of Covid-19

These now practically write themselves. No, that’s a lie, they are some of the hardest upon which to report because we’re never happy to learn that someone young and full of life, died, and yet it’s getting increasingly apparent to us that some of these deaths may end up saving more lives than the one it cost.

Kelly Canon just died of covid, shortly after attending the latest ‘Reawaken America’ covid conspiracy QAnon conference, this one held in Texas. Cannon was virulently anti-mask, and I suppose we’re left to guess what she thought about the vaccine, given she just passed.

As everyone here knows, unless someone is wearing an N-95, a mask is principally about protecting other people, which – in part, is why the MAGAs really never understood. “It’s my life, I’ll take my chances!”

“No, but it’s actually my life that is at risk when you’re breathing right on me at the Piggly Wiggly line (that’s a thing, by the way, and at least in this town it’s more sophisticated than any in Seattle or SF).”

“You mean that me not wearing a mask can hurt you? And that’s why you’re asking me to wear a mask?”


“Fck you, libtard.”

And that’s how it went. One of two ways. The vaccine is somewhat similar in that the more people vaccinated, the less overall virus is spreading around out there because asymptomatic people have less virus in them).

But there are very few messages more effective than death for one’s cause. If Cannon believed that the right to not wear a mask was worth her life then… she probably should have lived a fuller life.

We don’t know much about family. We just hope that her death causes a few dozen to rethink whether they want to follow her example:


Jason Miciak & Nicole Hickman

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