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Bill Maher Actually Has a Decent Idea: Give Obama a Third Term (in a Very Creative Way)

This is, quite obviously, tongue in cheek. The Senate cannot even cast a vote these days, never mind get a Constitutional Amendment to allow presidents to serve third terms (and we’d not want that anyway). But we’re bringing up what Bill Maher said last night for a reason, he has some legitimate points underlying the joke idea.

Maher is correct in that Joe Biden is doing a great job, a fantastic job, it is just that Joe Biden prefers to be Joe Biden, he doesn’t pump his chest, hold rallies, or do any of the things that get people excited. That not Joe and that’s exactly why he’s president.

The American public hired Joe Biden because just enough of us were sick of the circus act in the White House and knew that if there was anyone in existence who could calm things down and get everything back together again, it would be Joe Biden. Biden could be trusted.

In hindsight, Joe Biden was running fourth in the Democratic primary, we owe it to Jim Clyburn and (primarily) the black Democratic voters in South Carolina for lifting Joe up and putting things in place because, in hindsight, Joe looks like the only one that would’ve beaten Trump.

It turns out that Joe Biden is an FDR liberal who was fearless in his approach and plans, but that was all just a bonus to those of us who support such programs. Mostly, Joe was normal and could be counted upon to say; “I take all responsibility” when asked about mistakes, like in Afghanistan, versus the guy who could stand there when asked about COVID and say took none.

Maher pointed out that Biden can do 90% right every day and no one will notice, but the crazies will go crazy about the 10%. Meanwhile, he said Trump would “sh*t the bed” every day and the Republicans would blame the bed.

Maher says the Democrats need a superstar. Kamala Harris cannot get out of her own way and has approval ratings lower than Biden’s (True), Sanders is seen as too old (probably true from a political standpoint), Buttigieg is too young (Wrong, he is our star, we will find out soon if he’s too gay for American society soon enough), and Obama is term-limited out.

Maher suggested that both the Bidens and Obamas officially divorce (not leave their wives, both couples were obviously meant for each other), and then Biden gay marries his best friend Barack. All FLOTUS’s have a cause, and Obama’s can be running the country. That would do it from an excitement standpoint. 

The problem is that Maher didn’t recognize his own inconsistency. Biden is doing a fantastic job running the country, doing more than Obama did because Obama had to worry about “scaring” people, what with being black and all, he had to be more centrist (or so the political calculations went, at the time). What Obama could do is give the soaring speeches to stadiums and be the rock star people want.

So our proposal is that, yes, they get married. Joe Biden should remain president, and Barack Obama’s job would be telling everyone how well Biden is doing it.


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