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During Jailhouse Interview MAGA Rioter Begs Trump for Help: ‘President Trump, Where are You?’

It is a really good idea to assume that a third party, someone from the jail, is listening to your jailhouse phone calls (Unless you are speaking to your attorney and then they better not be because if they’re caught, your client goes free, sometimes). It is best to sit and talk about how sorry you are and how surprisingly cool and nice the guards are, that you are going to tell the warden which ones are the most professional.

Edward Jacob Lang is 25 and maybe doesn’t know the rule about saying something great about the guards. In a phone call to radio host Stew Peters (Farther Right than Trump), and Lang was too busy relaying his disappointment with Trump. He then begged Trump for help getting out of his charge, one involving attacking a police officer with a bat. The basics come from Yahoo News reporting today:

“I am so disappointed in Trump for canceling his January 6th press conference,” Lang said during the call-in interview, where he noted that he was on the brink of crying as he urged Trump to step up and fight for the defendants, like himself, who have been charged for their roles in the riot nearly one year ago.

Defendants have a lot of rights. Getting let out “just because it sucks” isn’t one of them. Then Lang made a mistake that the judge will most certainly notice.

“It just shows how far we have fallen,” he continued, “where is our rally tomorrow?” He added that “there should be a hundred thousand people in D.C. tomorrow at the very minimum…I am so disappointed with Trump and the American people at large that just do not get behind the January 6 political prisoners.”

We need a giant conspiracy, just like last time, only this one to help me! Not a good idea to let the judge know that you wish you were back on the streets fighting (Ahem, protesting) on the MAGA side.

President Trump, where are you?”… “You better do a press conference, man… We are rotting in jail because we stood up for what you told us to stand up for!”

He ain’t coming, dude. Unless it’s to join you.

Then Peters, the host, cut in to agree:

We had hoped that Trump would address all of the evidence that the chaos of January 6th was orchestrated by agent provocateurs,” the right-wing radio shock jock fumed. “Instead, Mar-a-Lago has signaled today a surrender of the narrative.”

The guy had just said there should be 100,000 people protesting the treatment of political prisoners. That sounds familiar. Now they’re talking about BLM and Antifa again.



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