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Former Head of SDNY Explains When We Will Know That Trump is Close to Being ‘Caught’

There is an old lesson that trial lawyers teach new attorneys all the time. Never go to trial without knowing every answer to what every witness will say beforehand. It is fairly easy to do in civil trials, a little harder in criminal trials, but a prosecution witness must be allowed to be interviewed by the defendant’s attorney or investigator and they must cooperate or get caught in a lie.

But as for civil trials, one often doesn’t want to speak to the target until one has every bit of information on that person one can collect, to the point that one could tell the story themselves. No one would know this better than the former head of SDNY Preet Bharara, who explained on The Daily Beast’s “The New Normal” podcast, when we will know that Trump and his family have the walls closing in around them.

The transcript is brought to us by our friends at Rawstory:

“It’s odd to have allowed all this testimony to be collected, all these documents to be subpoenaed and compiled, and they don’t look like they’ve done any of these interviews. And maybe there’s some reason that I’m not aware of that I can’t think of. I don’t know why that hasn’t happened.”

We are speculating, but the committee might not have approached any of the Trumps yet because they aren’t ready for the circus that will ensue when they ask. They are quite happy with the pace with which they’re gathering information now. But…

“When you go and you approach people you want to interview about what you might expect them to have done, people who are very mouthy like the Trump folks, they get up in arms, they send letters, they try to quash, they get very upset and they blab about it.

Preet Bharara – United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York from 2009 to 2017

When we hear Trump, Melania, Eric, Junior, and Ivanka jumping up and down screaming about not speaking to the committee, then we will know that the Committee has everything they need already and are simply proving their case by throwing these people into a panic attack.

Listen HERE.


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