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HUGE New Evidence Surfaces: In Newly Surfaced Interview McCarthy Said Trump Admitted to Him Riots Were His Fault

In case one was wondering why the Select Committee wanted to talk to Kevin McCarthy, this might help. Of course, there was the conversation everyone knew about, and now there is a new conversation, that almost no one knew about, until now. We are sure the committee will have questions.

One of the single most humiliating things to us, as a nation, is the fact that we know Kevin McCarthy called Trump from the Capitol on January 6th, quite literally begging for his life, and Trump demonstrated how little he cared about McCarthy’s life (in comparison to the election) by saying; “Well, maybe these people are more upset about the election than you, Mike?”

* Here, we are obligated to point out that we would have loved to have had the opportunity, at that moment, to be Kevin McCarthy and say, “I am sure that is true, Sir. I voted for Joe Biden and am very happy about the election. But can we get back to saving my life?”

McCarthy proceeded to humiliate the entire country by going down to Mar-a-Lago and seemingly make up with Trump as friends again, despite having had his life put on the line.

But now, according to CNN, a barely noticed radio interview done a year ago has surfaced, in which Kevin McCarthy says that Trump admits that January 6th was at least partly his fault:

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said publicly and privately in the days following the deadly riots at the US Capitol that President Donald Trump admitted personally bearing some responsibility for the attack — one of several reasons why the select committee on January 6 wants to hear from the House’s top Republican.

McCarthy shared the details of his conversation with Trump in a little-noticed local radio interview done a week after the insurrection, in which McCarthy said he supported a committee to investigate the attack and supported censuring then-President Trump.

“I say he has responsibility,” McCarthy said on KERN, a local radio station in Bakersfield, California, on January 12 of last year. “He told me personally that he does have some responsibility. I think a lot of people do.”

Mike is wrong.

Only one person bears responsibility and it is the guy that didn’t call Joe Biden and congratulate him after the votes were counted or at least after the electoral college was counted. It was the guy who planned the January 6th rally, tweeted about it; “Wild!”

One guy.

But the committee is really going to want to talk to the other guy the one on the radio interview and ask him whether he told the truth then, or is he now lying to the committee. The committee has McCarthy trapped. This is critical evidence, an admission.


Jason Miciak & Nicole Hickman

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