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Ivanka Is Angry: Sees Herself as a Humanitarian With Lots to Offer, Instead She’s Investigated

“She is somebody who, to her core, believes she still has so much to offer the world. To be hassled with investigation after investigation is not where she wanted to be at this chapter in her life.”

Daily Beast source who has known Ivanka Trump for years.

Well, to be sure, none of us want to be hassled with investigation after investigation at – really – any chapter of our lives. Most of us can keep some perspective and just believe that we can offer “the world” our best effort in raising our kids, doing our job well, and finding some meaning in life. But most of us aren’t Ivanka, who must believe she has very special gifts.

She has not had a good week and that’s despite the fact that she’s hardly involved with her father anymore.

“Multiple sources with knowledge of the situation said that, over the last year, high-level conversations in former President Trump’s political operation rarely, if ever, involve Ivanka, and her name is barely even mentioned. This includes various strategy discussions and event-planning that do involve other prominent members of the Trump family. Instead, Ivanka has tried—with extremely limited success—to paint herself as a part-time humanitarian.”

Wow. That last sentence has a few words that are doing a lot of hard work. The “limited” success? Limited is so charitable that it is borderline inaccurate, but the Daily Beast has some good people and we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. And part-time? Generally, one is either a humanitarian or not, you can’t be a “part-time humanitarian” and “part-time junta leader.” As for any humanitarian work she does? She either does it without cameras around while being genuine (which we would likely hear from other sources) or the “part-time” thing is being stretched again. We cannot recall her doing much of anything.

She should probably be thankful for not having to be at various strategy meetings with the family in the last year. As summarized in Raw Story: Ivanka Trump is “frustrated” and “annoyed” to be facing legal fallout from her time working for her father.

She certainly seemed enthusiastic while making money on deals in Vancouver, Panama, and even that deal where she made money in putting together the deal for the  Trump International Hotel in Baku, Azerbaijan, the one that never even opened and was tied to moving illegal money around from the first place.

Ivanka should be grateful for the fact that she is most often mentioned as the one who tried to get her father to stop January 6th’s violence, twice, and the person who said it was wrong to do that to Mike Pence, a good man. (What does that make your father, Ivanka?)

Regardless, the article clearly sets out that Ivanka would like all this to go away and just be a “regular mom” with a billion dollars (between her and Jared) and not talk about the nasty millions of dollars the Trump Organization essential “stole” by tax fraud, bank fraud, and-or insurance fraud.

It is hard to have much sympathy. Impossible, actually.


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