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Jon Karl Says Bill Barr on the Witness Stand Would Shock Country, ‘Repudiation of Everything Trump Said’

We reported earlier today that the country has just learned that Bill Barr agreed to speak to the committee, voluntarily – which, we suppose, is what “agrees” means, and that his testimony was very valuable.

We said:

Bill Barr knew exactly when to cut bait and get the fck out of that grease fire before he truly was so deep that he couldn’t escape. He was asked to investigate whether there was fraud in the election. He took the amount of time one would expect in such a situation, where time was of the essence. He announced the findings of his investigation before his meeting with the man who would have a five-year-old meltdown, and then got out, probably knowing exactly where this was headed.

That conversation with Trump, where Trump was furious that Barr did not find fraud, may prove to be one of the most important elements of the investigation against Trump. Bill Barr might easily be able to testify that Trump didn’t care whatsoever, whether there actually was fraud. He needed a report that gave him something – and that would prove Trump’s state of mind fairly early after the investigation, which will be critical when it comes to his state of mind when telling Pence to just get it back to the states for more investigation, Trump didn’t care what it found. Same with Georgia, Trump wouldn’t care what it found.

Well, as we said, this is just hitting the net and – no one at this site ever claims to have genius insight, we just listen to geniuses, very closely, and – you’ll have to take our word on this, an hour later, Bill Kristol released an interview he did with Jonathan Karl of ABC News on Karl’s book Betrayal, The Final Act of the Trump Show. His interview is nothing short of chilling as Karl talks about interviewing Bill Barr. Below is a synopsis and then the video further down. It is only a minute, but one can see the impact it had on Karl, “a total repudiation of everything Trump had said…

“I was so amazed by what I heard from [Bill Barr]…It’s one thing to see the words in my book. I want to see him at a witness stand before the cameras saying exactly what he told me. It’ll have so much more impact.”

One has to listen to Karl’s words oneself. Bill Barr must have some real anger and a real story to tell. Hopefully, we will see him on a witness stand this spring. It is dizzying to think about what Barr could do to Trump. Watch:


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