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Kanye West to Reportedly Meet With Vladimir Putin and Make Russia His ‘Second Home’

If one mentions HUGE MAGA Kanye West and Russia, what is the first thing that comes to mind? It isn’t even really a question, the MAGAs see Russia as the solution, not as the problem. They would love to have a government in which Trump was like Putin and didn’t have to take “sh*t” from liberals.

Dictatorships always sound good so long as it’s your dictator. There is also the fact that history shows there’s a strong correlation between dictators and mental illness. Putin is one sick man (there is something uniquely sick about people who order others thrown off buildings as a “suicide”), but Putin is the exception in that he’s in full control of all his faculties, Trump and Kanye…

So, but why? Because the more Russia can “normalize itself” within the United States and the more the MAGAs can normalize partnering with Russia, the easier it is to adopt a Russian-like government and we at this site are increasingly convinced that is the goal. There is a reason that Russia always partners with one party. Russia only has one party that matters.

We continually remind people, Russia has elections, laws, trials, even an assembly (like Congress), it is just all meaningless. Putin wins and gets what he wants. It sounds more and more like what Florida and Arizona want for their states.

Regardless, from TMZ:

Kanye West has his sights set on Moscow — where he reportedly wants a powwow with the Vladimir Putin, not to mention a vast plan to establish roots in Mother Russia.

Ye is gunning for a meeting with the Russian President, and also wants to do a series of Sunday Service shows in the man’s country fairly soon — sometime in the spring or summer, in fact … this according to Billboard, who spoke to KW’s biz associate, Ameer Sudan.

Sudan says Ye’s schedule will dictate when this all happens, but assures Billboard that the wheels are already in motion to broker a face-to-face between Putin and Kanye.

If you think that Putin is going to turn down a chance to meet/greet, have pictures taken with a huge American influencer, one with a different audience than the average MAGA, then you haven’t been through enough KGB training lately.


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