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MAGA War? Trump Calls Out ‘Gutless’ Politicians Like DeSantis Who Won’t Reveal Their Vaccine Status

If there is one thing we know about Donald Trump it is that if he perceives a growing threat, he will do everything in his possible to kill (metaphorically or otherwise) the threat as soon as he believes it’s needed.

Ron DeSantis has been making a real name for himself among the MAGAs and furthermore, Ron DeSantis didn’t get his ass kicked by Joe Biden in 2020. DeSantis is also everything the MAGAs love, Pro-COVID death, “Fck You” attitude to the media, autocratic in that he thinks his powers are unlimited and is, by far, his own biggest fan.

In other words, he is Trump, except he is in office, continues to develop the MAGA dream and the “Donald” Trump is going to be going through some things in the near future, things that involve A LOT of Trump friends and officials, but not Ron.

Ron might be feeling good about himself nowadays. He’s putting out commercials from the DeSantis Store, which sounds Trumpian.

Thus, it seems almost impossible not to believe that Trump didn’t intentionally send an ICBM through DeSantis’s (allegedly) COVID-filled home when Trump said, during an OAN interview:

“I watched a couple politicians be interviewed, and one of the questions was, ‘Did you get a booster? Because they had the vaccine and they’re answering like — in other words, the answer is ‘yes,’ but they don’t want to say it, because they’re gutless. You’ve got to say it, whether you had it or not, say it.”

Trump is lying again. He has not watched “a couple” of politicians be interviewed and asked about a booster, he has seen one (at least in our opinion) because there’s really only been one prominent non-answer and it was delivered by the gutless (we agree!) Ron DeSantis.

DeSantis is big in MAGA world, but not so big that he can go to war with Trump and so his office put out a statement saying, in effect, “Yeah, but… he could’ve been talking about the Governor of Idaho…”

“President Trump did not mention Governor DeSantis in that interview, so I wouldn’t want to make assumptions,” said spokeswoman Christina Pushaw. “Governor DeSantis has always been clear about his position on COVID-19 vaccination and boosters: the shots should be available to all but mandated for none, and the choice to get a vaccine or booster is an individual’s private medical decision.”

Have no doubt. Ron DeSantis and his entire staff know that Trump just called him gutless (In our opinion) and are now refactoring whether they need to be more careful about how they treat the ole boy, or if they can goad him into a mistake.


Jason Miciak & Nicole Hickman

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