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MAGAs Furious to Find Out That Willie Nelson is a Big Ol’ Liberal and Democrat

Yesterday, we covered the fact that @HamillHimself, Mark Hamill, was trending on Twitter because… because he’s Mark Hamill and you’re not. That and because someone dug up an old post of his, and we mean old – like four years old, and just threw it up on Twitter. Because Mark Hamill owns Twitter, it took off trending.

Something similar happened today because Willie Nelson was trending, though not for the exact same reason. Somewhere there is a tweet (we aren’t sure if we found it), that Willie is supporting Beto O’Rourke for governor. Of course, the MAGAs went nuts because “Leave your politics out of it, unless you’re Big an Rich!”

At some point in time, the MAGAs are going to have to understand that if one is not named Scott Baio, or Mel Gibson, an artist is going to be a Trump-foe, if for no other reason than the fact that artists of all types, even writers (Right, editors?) tend to be more sensitive, giving, all things that tend to upset your average MAGA.

Well, Willie said something in 2018 that infuriated MAGAs and the relationship has been rocky since, right up through today:

They’re entitled to their opinion and I’m entitled to mine.” On the criticism he received from some fans because of his support for Texas U.S. Senate Democratic candidate Beto O’Rourke: “I’ve been supporting Democrats all my life.” abcn.ws/2CcjBVI

So he is supporting Beto for Governor again.

And that did it with the MAGAs. Now, as most know, we don’t follow a lot of the “average” MAGAs on earth and so it’s often hard to see their rage, but it’s even more enjoyable to read the taunts back, the ones from liberals that celebrate the fact that Willie Nelson, one of the most beloved Americans, has such a heart that he’d never consider supporting the heartless MAGA movement.

Above, stress is a killer, except that it can’t seem to touch Trump.


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