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More Evidence Tucker Carlson is Putin’s Agent: ‘U.S. Moving Closer to Devastating War’

Russia is about to invade Ukraine. One can tell, the propaganda campaign has really ramped up now. For the second night in a row, Tucker Carlson performed the role of Putin’s mouthpiece.

On Thursday night, we openly wondered whether there are any significant MAGA players, Flynn, Stone, Trump, Hannity, Tucker, NRA, Ron Johnson, Rand Paul, that are not controlled by Russia in one way or another. It really isn’t that hard if a country is willing to take the risks, to “buy” a politician.

One can simply offer a bag of cash with $250K in it, on video, and you control that person forever. One can simply expose something you’re doing wrong – get intelligence on someone who is taking financial advantage of their position, and threaten to release it, or even more blatant threats; “Take this $25,000 because you might need it in case you’re in a bad car accident.”

A country has to be extremely confident/reckless to take such actions or… know that they own the president of the nation and cannot get in much trouble.

For the second night in a row, Tucker sounds like he got his transcript from Moscow. On Thursday night, Tucker argued that NATO no longer served any purpose and said NO ONE on Earth could name any purpose NATO serves. (We named one rather easily, it deters Putin).

Tonight, it sounds as though Tucker Carlson is accusing the United States of forcing Russia to invade Ukraine. All we have is the screengrab, but it’s all one needs to understand Tucker’s message, and – again, it seems as though it would be written by Putin:

Earlier tonight, Sen. Lindsey Graham was on Hannity and said he spoke to Trump and Lindsey said that Trump told him that Putin knows Biden is “weak” (WTF? Trump didn’t do a thing to confront Russia), but that Biden won’t be president in 2024 and it makes it harder for any future president to deal with Putin (If Putin went to war). In other words, Trump made it sound as though he disagrees with what Putin’s doing but knows “Biden is weak.”


Damned right we’d be supporting the United States if we found ourselves involved in a conflict under Trump. But it sounds like none of these MAGAs support the country, it is as if Biden IS the country – Trump’s attitude about the presidency is now seeping into all things MAGA. Trump thought HE was the country, similar to the King. Biden KNOWS that he is not the country.

It is actually tragic that this is where we stand now. A fascist dictator is about to invade (at least in part) a fledgling democracy because democracy is a threat, and we as a country cannot act as one and just be the United States? If another 9-11 happened tomorrow, would Fox immediately be blaming Biden for allowing it to happen?

One wonders. But no one is really wondering about Tucker or Hannity’s loyalties at this point. Putin will go down as the greatest strategist of the modern era. He has us beaten, 50% at least, and they’re hard at work patching up mistakes made in the last election.


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