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Proud Boy Capitol Rioter Throws Crazy Tantrum in Court as He Gets Sent Back to Jail

One continually unrepentant Jan. 6 insurrectionist who is a member of the Proud Boys is going back to jail after he indicated during an appearance on CNN that he would storm the Capitol all over again, Raw Story.

Well what a guy. I’m talking about Josh Pruitt, who made the remarks on national TV in early January, and that led federal prosecutors to seek to revoke his pretrial release. But that’s not all Pruitt’s done, prosecutors allege. They argued he has violated his curfew numerous times, threatened people — even his ex-girlfriend  — on social media. He’s also violated his probation on cases not related to Jan. 6.

What the hell is it with these people? Was Pruitt dropped on his head at birth?

Thursday Pruitt’s attorney argued that the reason he violated curfew is that he couldn’t get rides home from work (maybe he’s not Mr. Popularity on the job, eh?). This is from a report from Buzzfeed News Zoe Tillman.

And quite obviously that justice, U.S. District Judge Timothy Kelly wasn’t moved by his transportation problems. He noted Pruitt “has been admonished to comply with curfew and restrictions on his movement.”

“I just don’t believe that he repeatedly is out there in the middle of the night for reasons beyond his control,” the judge said.

Federal prosecutors “also noted Pruitt did an interview with CNN where they argued, he made comments suggesting he didn’t regret going into the Capitol/being part of the m(o)b.

Raw story reports Pruitt allegedly disputed prosecutor’s interpretations of his remarks on CNN, and claimed: “he was referring to protesting generally at the Capitol.”

There was a note of skepticism in Kelly’s voice regarding Pruitt’s explanation of his comments to CNN, but the judge also noted, “(I)t wouldn’t be the first time that CNN took something out of context and didn’t portray something accurately,” Tillman said.

Kelly ordered Pruitt back to jail, giving him until Jan. 18 to get his affairs in order. The judge also stipulated that Kelly wouldn’t be allowed to work.

So now it was meltdown time for Pruitt because apparently there is a vacuous chasm where his brain should be. He jumped right in by threatening to talk to CNN again and accused Kelly of violating his First Amendment rights, Tillman noted in her Twitter feed.

Pruitt continued to interrupt the judge, leading prosecutors to say the exchange raised questions about whether Kelly will self-surrender.

At that point, Pruitt said he would surrender, and Kelly warned him he “will face a much bigger problem if he doesn’t,” Tillman said. But then Pruitt interrupted the judge again (what the heck is it with this guy? Is he really this stupid?) and Kelly raised his voice, telling him “he abused the system and that’s why they’re here.”

And let me tell you, Pruitt is one guy who’s a few pennies short of a dollar if you know what I mean.

While attorneys discussed the status of discovery in Pruitt’s case, he seemed to have discovered he could make comments on the public phone line as the hearing was underway.

“Pruitt has apparently just discovered the public line, asks why that exists, everyone continues to ignore him at this point as they continue to discuss logistics,” Tillman reported. “At the very end, Pruitt says something I can’t fully make out but I hear the phrases ‘law-abiding citizen’ and ‘unlike the BLM piece of sh*t and then the automated voice on the public access line says ‘goodbye’ and ‘that’s a wrap.'”

Proud Boy Pruitt was living in the D.C. area at the time of the insurrection and he’s got a hefty rap sheet, including 19 prior arrests and eight convictions, WUSA Channel 9 reported.

Now here’s what’s even dumber: Pruitt was on probation and wearing an ankle monitor when he stormed the Capitol. While there he fought with police and was caught on surveillance video throwing a “Quiet Please” sign across the atrium. Later that night he was arrested for violating the curfew imposed by D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser. He was subsequently charged in the insurrection but was released as part of a “high-intensity supervision program.”

So he took part in the failed siege while wearing an ankle monitor. Clearly, Pruitt and far too many of his cohorts think they should be above the law. But fortunately, they aren’t.

You can check out Tillman’s Twitter thread here. It’s a corker.

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