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Trump Says His Ongoing Feud With Ron DeSantis is ‘Totally Fake News’ — But Come On, We Know the Truth

For the better part of two weeks, we’ve been reporting on some obvious indications of a feud between the two biggest MAGAs and the fight over who will be king of Florida. Will Trump remain on top? Or will Trump get beaten up so badly as revelation after revelation from the Committee hit, maybe DeSantis will take the lead?

The two are knowingly in a battle and we have proof. Trump’s personal dirty trickster, Roger Stone, knows that Trump is mad at DeSantis because Stone said that if anyone wanted to know where DeSantis was when he disappeared over the holidays, need only ask Emily Robinson, the implication being that DeSantis was busy wrestling with Emerald.

DeSantis is married to the mother of his children and she has cancer. If DeSantis was with Emerald, it’s proof of the feud, Stone told the world. If DeSantis was not wrapped around Emerald, it’s a dirty trick, starting a vicious rumor.

Stone wouldn’t have said anything near that daring without knowing that Trump would approve. “Sources” around Trump said that Trump is angry that DeSantis hasn’t said the magic words: “I will not run for the GOP nomination if Trump is in the race.”

Today, Trump cleared everything up. He lied, saying it’s all fake. From Politico:

Donald Trump says his perceived rift with Gov. Ron DeSantis is “fake news” even as the Republican governor won’t back down over their high-profile split over Covid-19 vaccine boosters.

This is not the reason for the feud and Politico knows it.

During an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Thursday night, Trump praised DeSantis and said he continues to have a good relationship with him. His comments come after Trump last week called politicians who refuse to disclose whether they’ve received Covid booster shots “gutless” — as DeSantis has refused to do.

DeSantis then shot back last week with criticism over the Trump administration’s handling of the pandemic. “I get along great with Ron,” Trump said. “Ron was very good on the Mueller hoax. He was right in front along with Jim Jordan and all of the rest of them.”

There is definitely a rift that could turn into a blown-out war soon enough if DeSantis continues to think and act like he is a potential candidate in 2024. Trump probably hasn’t decided whether he wants to run or not. He certainly wants everyone to know that they must say they won’t run in opposition to Trump. If they don’t say the “magic words,” they will be defending themselves from a horrible rumor.


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