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Trump Turns on Hannity: Ex-Prez Angry Over Capitol Riot Texts Telling Him to Stop Claiming the Election was Stolen

Donald Trump is not happy with Sean Hannity at the moment. He’s so unhappy in fact, that he lashed out at him after more of the Fox News host’s texts about the Capitol riot were made public.

On Tuesday, the House Committee in charge of investigating the insurrection sent Hannity a letter asking him to voluntarily testify, Yahoo! via The Independent reports. The letter, which the committee also made public, quotes a text that Hannity allegedly sent to the former president’s chief of staff Mark Meadows and pro-Trump fanboy Jim Jordan.

“Guys, we have a clear path to land the plane in 9 days,” Hannity wrote four days after the riot. “He can’t mention the election again. Ever. I did not have a good call with him today. And worse, I’m not sure what is left to do or say, and I don’t like not knowing if it’s truly understood. Ideas?”

When that text became public, Trump lashed out at Hannity.

“I disagree with Sean on that statement and the facts are proving me right,” Trump told CNN’s Kaitlan Collins via a spokesperson.

It’s not clear which parts of Hannity’s text Trump was referring to, nor was it clear which “facts” Trump believes have vindicated him.

But really, when is this even a surprise? Trump lives in his own little world, one that is unpopulated by reality.

Ever the sore loser, Trump is still whining, lying, and tricking his supporters into believing the election was stolen. There’s been a slew of Republican-supported audits that have reexamined the results and not a single one has produced any evidence of the widespread voter fraud Trump continues to allege.

In the letter, the committee notes Hannity seems to have “advance knowledge” regarding Trump’s plans for Jan. 6, the day Congress was scheduled to certify Joe Biden’s election victory.

“It also appears that you were expressing concerns and providing advice to the president and certain White House staff regarding that planning,” the committee wrote to Hannity. “You also had relevant communications while the riot was underway, and in the days thereafter. These communications make you a fact witness in our investigation.”

The letter also quotes the text sent by Hannity to Meadows on Dec. 30, 2020.

“We can’t lose the entire WH counsels office,” Hannity wrote, in reference to the White House Counsel’s Office. “I do NOT see January 6 happening the way he [Trump] is being told.”

But something else is also revealed in the text — something that indicates Hannity perhaps knew something that the public didn’t: Members of the White House’s own legal team were threatening to resign if Trump went ahead with some of his plans to refuse the election results.

Hannity has not commented on whether he’ll comply with the committee’s request.

One spokesman for Fox News did, however, refer to a statement from Hannity’s counsel, Jay Sekulow, who told Axios: “If true, any such request would raise serious constitutional issues, including First Amendment concerns regarding freedom of the press.”

That’s quite the comical statement since Trump seemed to love attacking the freedom of the press quite regularly. When the folks at Fox News remained rather silent. But our former president surely loved Fox News until they reported on things he didn’t agree with. Or, perhaps didn’t do what he wanted them to do.

It’s anyone’s guess whether Hannity will step up. I’m hoping he does. He and the news network he’s employed by helped create the Trump monster, continually hyping him in 2016 before, during, and after the election.

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