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Twitter is Ruthless as Meghan McCain Unknowingly Humiliates Herself (Again)

Just about every creature comfort you have, quite literally – from the heat in your home, to the light on in the darkness, to the phone or tablet you’re reading, all of it, is rooted in scientific discovery.

Science isn’t a topic, it’s a way of thinking, a philosophy, usually focused on discovering the fundamental elements of nature. Galileo, Copernicus, and Newton are generally credited with “discovering the scientific method, first employed in the 1600s and, I’m sure we can all agree, that the changes between the years 1600 and 2022 are far greater than that of 1600 and 1222.

The ultimate goal in science is to find the objective truth, an objective truth is a fact whether you believe it or not. The problem is that nature itself is a dynamic system, some of it – especially living things, are always changing, which changes your data, which is your objective truth. To a scientist, data is everything.

When data starts changing, a good scientist has no choice, she must change her hypothesis or theory to fit the new data. If she is a medical scientist, that means that her recommendations must change to fit the data. Sometimes it is hard to admit you were wrong, but that’s part of science, too, one must be comfortable with being proven wrong.

We have seen over and over and over again, the CDC being the first people to say “We were wrong. The data is now showing…” In business and in life, aren’t we all more trusting of a person who readily admits, “I was wrong, what I said wasn’t true. I have no found…” This is why many of us believe the CDC implicitly.

They have told us they were wrong.

But to a non-scientist fcking idiot like Meghan McCain, it means that the people at the CDC don’t know what they’re doing and can’t be trusted, despite being the CDC being the first ones to say they were wrong! We wouldn’t know they were wrong had they not told us! We would still believe there is one variant, we’d still believe a lot of things.

Meghan McCain believes they’ve proven they’re stupid and incompetent:

And that did it:

We end on the above. Because it’s interesting. It is very hard to be a smart MAGA. In order to be popular, you sometimes have to say stupid things. Maybe Meghan does understand. Maybe she understands, but also understands that she’s gotta play dumb for the crowd. Tough to tell, someone should study it and get some data.


Jason Miciak & Nicole Hickman

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