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Watch CNN Host Get Openly Disgusted by Rand Paul After He Bullies Dr. Fauci in Covid Hearing

Dr. Fauci was the teacher that made things no fun. You remember. You had the cool teachers that were funny and kinda laid back, grades were a little easier (There are FAR fewer of these teachers around now, one has to be excellent these days). Then there was the teacher that wasn’t “fun,” and didn’t think it was their job to be your friend, but she sure as hell prepared you for freshman English. You owe her at least three college A’s.

Fauci is the teacher that saved lives, especially back during the Trump administration when it was almost impossible for a layman to tell what was going on. But Fauci wasn’t fun and Trump didn’t like that. Trump has bragged that he often ignored Fauci’s advice (It wasn’t fun and that hurt Trump) and history books will be written about how the United States became one of the leading countries in COVID deaths.

It helps Rand Paul to make Fauci the bad guy. It really helps him if one can make Fauci sound like someone who lied, maybe someone who even helped develop the virus. And this is easily done because many MAGA voters can’t spell “CDC” but they are virologists and they know that Fauci was paying the Chinese to do gain of function tests and they know what these are… they’re bad!

CNN televised most of yet another hearing today but actually cut in on Susan Collins after the big Fauci fight, with Kate Bolduan angrily saying:

We’re going to pull off from the hearing now and continue listening to the senate hearing as it plays out. As you can see, some of the helpful information that can come out of the Senate hearings with top health officials but also some of the unhelpful hysterics and drama that can come from this as well.”

Turning to her expert guest, Dr. Jeanne Marrazzo of the University of Alabama:

“I know you were listening to that along with me, doctor. Your reaction, to this, I think kind of round four or five, between Dr. Rand Paul, a medical doctor and also a senator, and Dr. Anthony Fauci, and this personal animosity that continues coming from Rand Paul? Your reaction to it?”

And Dr. Marrazzo had no trouble with the question:

My reaction is really one of being completely dispirited and I think that you know, the fact that you even have to count the number of rounds and can’t remember what round we’re all sort of says it all because I think political theater at its worse, at a time where the fact is that we’re being distracted from the number of people who are hospitalized and the complete, really limited arsenal we have to treat the people that we have, especially outpatients.

Yes! What a concept. We could be using these hearings to talk about how to help the people that are continuing to get sick and what methods we might use without shutting everything down!. But that is never discussed. Rand Paul uses just enough doctor talk to get into a fight with the world’s leading expert on infectious diseases, Rand Paul, the ophthalmologist that couldn’t get certified in his own specialty!

And in case you missed it, this was awesome:

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