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Rand Paul’s Wife Kelley is Losing it on Twitter and it’s Truly Pathetic and Ridiculous

Thursday is Transgender Day of Visibility, and Rand Paul’s wife Kelley marked the day by freaking out on Twitter firing off a crazed tweet about men having babies, Chinese third graders, and math, Queerty reports. Indeed, as far as tweets go, this one was definitely one for the record books.

Ms. Paul tweeted “Chinese third graders are learning multi-variable calculus. Our third graders are being taught that ‘men can have babies.’ This will not end well.”

I’m a disaster at math but I managed to somehow teach Algebra to a Chinese high schooler who spoke no English at all. I don’t really know about Chinese third graders but yes, these kids catch on fast. But I really don’t know what she’s on about because school districts in this country are still largely allergic to the idea of teaching sex ed. But Kelley is your typical dyed-in-the-wool right-winger, so this is on-brand for her.

It appears that this woman has a history of being stupidly homophobic, Queerty’s Graham Gremore notes. She vented her spleen about an elementary school in Austin, Texas that held a Pride parade for students in April 2021. She’s tweeted in support of transphobic author J.K. Rowling.

But she really went goofy last May when someone sent a suspicious package to the Paul household. The FBI and Capitol Police investigated and found the package was filled with a white, powdery substance that wasn’t dangerous. It’s anyone’s guess why this ridiculous woman believes popular 80s singer Richard Marx was behind this, but for this unfortunate nutter it’s obvious that logic and reason rarely come together.

It’s extremely sad that Kelley Paul spreads transphobia as she does. Transgender Day of Visibility takes place every March 31, and according to the LGBT Foundation, its purpose is to celebrate trans and nonbinary people and to raise awareness about the discrimination trans people face worldwide.

Trans people in the U.S. are all too frequently victims of violence, and according to the Human Rights Campaign, 57 transgender or gender non-conforming people were fatally shot or killed by other means. In 2020, the number of fatalities was 44. The fact that things like this happen every year makes it even more disgusting when transphobes like Kelley Paul post their paranoia on Twitter.

So to my trans and non-binary friends, I hope this was a lovely day for you and that you didn’t have to put up with any idiots like Kelley Paul.

Twitter had a few comments for Kelley.

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