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GOP Official Called for the ‘Lynching’ of ‘Stinking N-Word’ Lloyd Austin and Now He Refuses to Resign

Some people have no filter — and I don’t mean this in a good way. Case in point: One David Dietrich, Chair of the Hampton (Virginia) Electoral Board. The local GOP there is pushing him to resign after a Facebook post of his in which he used the “‘N-word” and suggested “lynching” Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and other prominent leaders in Washington, D.C., Newsweek reports.

I really don’t know why it took the Republican Party of Hampton, Virginia more than a year to become aware of the post from February 2021 but fortunately, they have made it clear they want Dietrich to go.

Dietrich, however, is stubbornly refusing to resign, and the controversy, originally reported by local TV station WAVY News 10 has been roiling for the past several days.

Dietrich’s post is definitely racist with a side order of crackpot. In the post, he claims that Austin’s efforts to remove white nationalists from the military are actually an attempt “to remove conservative, freedom-loving Americans from the roles.” Austin, he said, and other Democratic leaders are “vile and racist,” and described them as “stinking” “N-words.”

If there was ever a nutball who needed a Xanax it’s clearly this guy. A vacay in the closest mental hospital probably wouldn’t hurt him either.

“If it is a civil war they want, they will get it in spades,” Dietrich wrote. “Perhaps the best way to pull us back from the brink is a good public lynching.’

The Hampton GOP began calling for Dietrich’s resignation on Thursday and followed that up on Friday on Facebook by sharing a screenshot of the repugnant post. The GOP noted Dietrich used “abhorrent and unacceptable racist language that has no place in our Party or our Commonwealth.” The Party repeated its call for him to resign.

“In light of Mr. Dietrich’s refusal to resign, the Hampton City Republican Party has asked the chief judge of the Hampton Circuit Court, the appointing authority for all electoral board members, to remove Mr. Dietrich from his position,” the local Republican Party said.

“The Hampton City Republican Party unequivocally condemns all forms of racism and bigotry, and specifically condemns employed by Mr. Dietrich.”

And Philip Siff, chair of the local GOP, reiterated in a comment to the local station that he and other GOP leaders “unequivocally condemn all forms of racism and bigotry.”

Lloyd Austin is a retired four-star general who was chosen by President Joe Biden to lead the Pentagon in December 2020. He is the first Black secretary of defense in U.S. history after he was confirmed by the Senate on January 22, 2021, in a decidedly bipartisan vote of 93 in favor with only two senators opposing.

Austin’s career is definitely a distinguished one and he retired from military duty in 2016 after 41 years of service. In addition to becoming CENTCOM commander, Austin also served as vice chief of staff of the U.S. Army and director of the joint staff.

All of this means the sooner that Dietrich and his disgusting kind are removed from office, the better. I still don’t really understand why it took the local GOP to figure out this man is a creep but maybe he kept his sentiments quiet in person and just spread his bile online. Either way, he needs to go.

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