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‘Yes, Sir!’: Sean Hannity Was Basically Taking Straight-Up Orders From Team Trump on Election Day 2020

For some time it was more than clear that Sean Hannity was the Trump administration’s right-hand man. But on Monday we found out he was far more than just the errand boy.

On Monday CNN revealed a batch of text messages between then-chief of staff Mark Meadows and other prominent Republican lawmakers and notable conservatives — including Hannity, RollingStone reports. Early on the Jan. 6 committee released several texts exchanged between Meadows and Hannity, but the ones uncovered Monday have left people stunned because they show just how far Hannity was under the Trump administration’s thumb.

That’s especially clear on Election Day in November 2020 when Hannity texts Meadows to ask about the voter turnout situation in North Carolina, CNN reports.

Meadows response?

“Stress every vote matters. Get out and vote.”

“Yes sir,” the ever faithful Hannity replied. “On it. Any place in particular we need a push?”

“Pennsylvania. NC AZ,” Meadows texted. “Nevada.”

“Got it. Everywhere,” Hannity wrote.

This proves Hannity was definitely Donald Trump’s lapdog but it also reveals a trove of messages from Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) who pushed for Trump to institute martial law. She also claimed Trump supporters had “no other choice” but to attack the Capitol on Jan. 6. Greene’s texts are only a small part of a virtual mountain of thousands of messages Meadows has provided to the committee. Purportedly Meadows received texts from GOP lawmakers, Donald Trump Jr., and run-of-the-mill nutjob Ginni Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, RollingStone reports. She was, of course, urging him to help overturn the election.

Hannity and other Fox News hosts texted Meadows on Jan. 6 pushing him to get Trump to call off his dogs, er, I mean supporters. Hannity also sent texts to Meadows on Jan. 19 and shared a link of Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) saying in a speech on the Senate floor that the deadly attempted siege was “provoked by the president and other powerful people.”

“Well this is as bad as this can get,” Hannity wrote.

Following these revelations, Twitter user @acyn responded to CNN’s report by tweeting that Hannity has previously said he is “not told what to say” and that “we have always been independent and follow our own path on this show.”

Yeah, right.

Rolling Stone concluded the report by noting:

“We now have pretty hard evidence that Hannity’s highly rated show was basically state-run television while the former president was in office.”

Fox News, with its former “Fair and Balanced” slogan would fit in with George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984, and the worrisome part about all of this cable news channel is gaining in popularity, gaining viewers, and handily beating MSNBC and CNN. So while so many people like to look down on Russia for its state-run television and newspapers, it sure doesn’t look like the U.S. is doing much better.

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