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Americans in Hysterics After Trump Says the Way to Stop the War in Ukraine is to Stop the Windmills

Have you ever noticed that Trump has never said that the way to stop the war in Ukraine is for Putin to get his army and ass out of Ukraine, a free and independent country? No, he has not and everyone reading this knows that he will not. So, it’s a bit difficult for him to address the Russian-Ukrainian war given that limitation.

But he has to say something.

So why not put the onus on Biden? Why not say it is actually Biden’s fault that the war is ongoing? After all, he needs a way for every problem in existence to be Biden’s fault. The country was perfect under him.

So Trump gave his prescription for ending the war at the rally tonight in Wyoming and it put the onus on Biden to do something that is out of his control. He must drive down gas prices. No, we don’t know how that would end the war, given that most of the world is refusing to buy oil from Russia anyway. But gas prices are high and Trump knows that the MAGAs listening aren’t going to question how the two are related.

Plus, we cannot rely on windmills that are killing the birds. That is keeping the war going as part of energy prices. You cannot make this sh*t up.


Twitter had a field day:


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