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DJ Pauly D From ‘Jersey Shore’ Talked Inflation on Fox News and the Internet Honestly Can’t Believe It’s Real

Although the interview happened nearly a week ago, the internet has been set ablaze again with a screencap. The star of TV’s Jersey Shore, “DJ Pauly D,” appeared on Jesse Watters’ Primetime to discuss inflation.

Watters was referencing a new report that claims that half of parents are still supporting their adult children. He said they pay their kids’ rent, cell phone bills, utilities, and even pay for their groceries. He laughed throughout the segment.

Obviously, Jesse Watters is a famous person who is out of touch with reality. But it would do him well to know that if wages had kept pace with inflation, we wouldn’t be in this predicament. When today’s kids’ parents were kids themselves, you could pay a mortgage with a minimum wage job. Now, the minimum wage doesn’t pay rent in any state in the US.

Here’s the DJ Pauly D we know and love…hanging out with Snooki, talking about getting tanned and partying the night away.

But bringing on Pauly D is just compounding the ridiculousness. You don’t get to weigh in on what things cost when you don’t have to worry about money.

It’s already bad enough that Jesse Watters laughs at people for not being able to afford basic requirements for life. But bringing on ANOTHER rich, out-of-touch idiot like Pauly D takes the cake.

They discussed what it even means to be an adult — whether it’s about age or about the ability to pay one’s bills.

That’s an easy one: You’re an adult the day that the United States says you can go to a foreign country and die for them.

Then the two moved on to the topic of inflation, which is when it got surreal. Watters broached the subject with the price of gas, then talked about Pauly D’s hair gel, and blamed Joe Biden for the price of everything. That’s hilariously wrong, of course. Corporations are making record profits right now.

DJ Pauly D where we expect to see him, spinning those beats at a pool party at some hotel…not talking inflation on Fox News.

You can watch this interview that yes, actually happened right here via Twitter:

As you’d imagine, the internet couldn’t take it:

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