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Dr. Oz Brags About Getting the Endorsement of Ted Nugent — Twitter Slays Him: ‘Desperate and DISGUSTING’

If you go to a Bruce Springsteen show, a U2 show, a Green Day show, Foo Fighters… you’ll see people from Gen X, and you’ll see their kids, 15 to 20. The parents introduced the music, and it’s classic stuff in the schools now. If you talk Ted Nugent, you will get a dead stare… unless you are a MAGA kid and if you’re a MAGA kid you know Nugent as the guy who bow hunts to murder animals. (Hunting is ethical, but all the gimmicks and games, tree stands, feeders, etc. give the deer, elk, etc. no chance. Real hunting means going into an area and hunting, where the animal is the one at home. That is ethical and just as fine as eating hamburgers.)

In other words, Ted Nugent is nothing. He is the biggest “musician” besides Kid Rock that the MAGAs have. Kid Rock had maybe two hits, and God only knows what Nugent did but people can pull up lyrics of some of Nugent’s songs and they are absolutely disgusting. He has always been interested in very underage girls. This single girldad of a 14-year-old cannot express his disgust for grown men interested in women under 22, never mind… Most decent men will not talk to a teen girl without her parents present.

Can you imagine the car ride for the Oz’s after this visit? How low they’ve stooped to win?

And yet, again, Nugent is accepted by the MAGA family as if he’s some great guy, and that is why “Doctor” Oz, who has to have a modicum of training in psychiatry (they all do the basics in school) must know the damage that can be done to girls, and has exactly nothing in common with Nugent other than MAGA, is bragging about Nugent’s endorsement and it is truly pathetic:

Holy sh*t. Well, as you can imagine, Twitter found this worth… discussing.


So he’s a fake. No real MAGA would ever have anything good to say about Michelle. But Oz sold his soul long ago.

The claims below, disgusting as they are, are pretty well established:

It is not funny. Not when you’re caring for and nurturing a young girl in this world.


[email protected], @JasonMiciak, with Nicole Hickman

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