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Eric Swalwell Hammers Elise Stefanik Over Baby Formula Shortage Issue — Boebert Jumps in to Humiliate Herself

Elise Stefanik is doing the MAGA policy thing. Their one and only policy is that the border is out of control and it’s all Biden’s fault because brown people are pouring into the United States and that’s already a crisis but now it’s worse because Biden is sending pallets of baby formula to the border to feed the babies that are being held.

The only reason for the federal government to send pallets of anything anywhere is to serve people that the government must care for, military, vets, prisoners, and immigrants being held. Is Stefanik proposing that the government hold these children and yet not feed them? Ignore the law and simply punt every one of them back to Mexico, even those with a right to be here? (Probably). Other Americans with freedom of movement can shop around.

Calling the entire Democratic party “pedo grifters” (always accuse the others of your problems) with no specificity makes one fear this country has no future at all. The shortage has been caused primarily by a recall, and we’d like to know what she proposes Biden do about that? Oh, and  Biden met with the top company executives yesterday.

Well, Eric Swalwell wanted to point out that there are two choices here. Send baby formula or have babies starve and die on your watch. That is it, two choices.

And so, of course, Lauren Boebert got involved at a Junior high level. She ignored the actual issue – which at least Stefanik addressed, and went straight to digging up old, disproven, fake, scandals, because that’s what MAGAs – especially Boebert, do:

The reference is to eight years ago now when Swalwell was running for reelection and a Chinese National named “Fang Fang” (shitty cover name), donated to Swalwell, and they dated for a brief period until the FBI notified Swalwell that she was a possible Chinese infiltrator. Unlike Trump and the rest of the MAGA crowd, Swalwell helped the FBI, obeyed their advice, and never saw her again. It was eight years ago, and the story has been debunked over and over, but that doesn’t matter at all to someone like Boebert.

“Pedos and grifters,” and “Chinese babies”… the adult conservatives, George Will, Steve Schmidt, Rick Wilson, have all left the Republican party. Cheney and Romney are not considered Republicans anymore, they are simply “RINOS”, despite being as conservative as one can be.

Fred Wellman put it better than we could:

MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle also pointed out an important fact:

So Republicans want the brown babies at the border to starve, so pro-life of them! And they expect Biden to just magically have more baby formula appear when it’s a private industry that caused the problem. In particular, Abbott Labs who had to shut down a factory because of contamination.

People on Twitter were disgusted:

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