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Eric Trump Posts Sun Tzu Quote Thinking He’s Owning Biden and the Libs — When in Fact He Perfectly Described His Own Father and the MAGA Movement

At times it seems as though this country is headed toward an inevitable civil war. How does one discuss policy with a party whose third-ranking member called Democrats “pedos and grifters.” (Stefanik then said she was referencing the Lincoln Project but that’s not at all how her original quote read.) It is absolutely disgusting that the Right now uses these words so cavalierly, “pedo” – which has an official meaning that doesn’t apply to most cases,” along with “grooming.” Not only are they thrown around without any facts or even specifics, but they also serve to diminish the power and respect the words should have as applied to real victims of pedophilia (as opposed to statutory rape, which is “rape” and certainly no less a crime) and the countless number of girls who’ve been “groomed” by men over the years to be almost hypnotized into sex.

They do not care about the damage they are causing. One can look at Josh Hawley’s threat to pass legislation stripping Disney of its copyright protection, rendering the billion-dollar purchase of Star Wars, along with so much else, as valueless. Anyone in the world could use any of the material. Hawley wants this done because he considers Disney “woke” and this would be the punishment. How very American.

Eric Trump thinks he “owned the libs” with his Sun Tzu quote when in fact, he just perfectly described what his father has done to our country.

And then there is Trump. Trump put this country through a mini-civil war as he tried to steal the American government in a dictatorial move that was unprecedented, our first violent transfer of power. As if that was not enough, Trump has now gone on to destroy much of the public’s faith in elections. The Right, especially the MAGAs, will simply call any presidential loss “rigged” from here on out. Democracy hasn’t been this weak in this country since 1860, it’s literally falling apart and some are happy to see it go, mostly white, powerful, wealthy, men, the type who would “lead” a new dictatorial type of nation.

And yet here is Eric, posting a tweet presumably about Democrats who have done nothing more than pass legislation, investigate a massive crime, and oversee the country through troubled times. Whether the Dems are doing a good job or not, no one “normal” would say the Dems are attempting to burn the country to the ground. No, that’s Trump.

Poor Eric, always trying to look like he’s smart, when in fact every time he opens his mouth he proves he’s the dumbest Trump.

And here’s Eric cluelessly describing exactly what his father has done:

Unbelievably perfect. Take out pictures of January 6th.


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