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GOP Candidate for Arizona Gov Says Men Who ‘Let’ Their Girlfriends Get Abortions Will Regret It

Sometimes it seems like the real problem with American laws and institutions is that they’re decided on by exactly the wrong people.

Back when Betsy DeVos was the Secretary of Education, we had someone who had never been to a public school nor sent her children to one in charge of public schools.

When Rick Perry set energy policy for America, he had no idea that included nuclear power.

And old white males with no ability to carry a child are setting policies for women’s reproductive rights.

Surprise, surprise…Kari Lake is another MAGA head, endorsed by Trump.

That last one is no surprise; the youngest woman born in a year when it was legal for a woman to have a credit card on her own is only 48 years old. Old white men have been governing women since forever.

What’s really sad, though, is hearing other women agree with those old white males. That’s exactly what Arizona Republican candidate for governor Kari Lake did over the weekend when she suggested that men who “let” their girlfriends get abortions would regret it later on in life.

Later on down the line these men can’t stop but thinkin’ of what that baby would have grown up to be. But Planned Parenthood never tells you that.

Planned Parenthood is a favorite target of conservatives, despite the fact that a mere three percent of services provided by the agency pertain to abortion.

And if laws were truly just, then if old white men get to decide when a fetus is a person, the men that Lake is talking about would be liable for child support at the moment of conception.

Kari Lake actually said if boyfriends “let” their girlfriends have an abortion. As if the girlfriends are their property or something…the MAGA dream.

If men could get pregnant, contraceptives would be free and abortion would remain legal forever. They would be deciding on their own bodies. But old white men are deciding what happens with women’s bodies, not their own.


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